Biden ‘Insulted’ When Asked About Stacy Abrams

“I’m Insulted You Asked That Question”

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Joe Biden snarled at a reporter who asked why Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams didn’t show up for his voting rights address in Atlanta on Tuesday.

During a rare, brief press conference, Biden emphasized that Abrams did not snub him and that she was unable to attend due to a schedule conflict he called a “miz-up.”

Abrams Skipped Speech

Before boarding Marine One, a reporter questioned Joe Biden, “Are you offended she’s skipping the speech?”

Biden screamed back, pointing his finger, “I’m insulted by the question.”

Due to Biden’s low poll ratings nationwide and in Georgia, pundits like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thought that Abrams was considering her political future.

“This is political science 101,'” he said.

Rebecca Horvath
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