Trump Kaboshes Leftist Government Training Programs

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Considering that in 2020, companies all over have adopted “racial sensitivity” training courses.  Much like the counterpart regarding sexual harassment training, training modules that “educate” employees about racially sensitive issues seems to be popping up more and more.  It’s quite clear that such ideas come completely from the Left.  No matter how you spin it, a white guy in a company who says something that offends a minority on any count will be admitted into this “re-education” module to beat the guy over the head about their “white privilege.”  While this has been introduced into the mainstream companies all over, the fact that our own government agencies have had such training programs is just as apparent, but we shouldn’t be too shocked. Then enter Trump.

Perpetuating the Myth

White privilege.  The premise comes from the idea that America is a racist nation that has built systems to ensure that white people are the apex racial group in the country.  In every system that is currently in play right now in 2020, is all built to make white people the leading success story on top of every other minority group out there.  Within that line of thinking comes the notion that just because someone is “white”, they have access to all of the privileges that this nation was built for.  It suggests that skin color is more important and thus, white people have that advantage.  Academia, Hollywood, politicians, and even some fools in the culture like Black Lives Matter all push forward this myth into the mainstream thinking.  It’s being adopted in companies, churches, definitely in schools and universities, movies, newspaper articles, social media sites, and everything else.  This type of thinking is known as “Critical Race Theory” and all the liberal woke jokers are perpetuating this idea continually.  Needless to say, everyone liberal and white in particular seems to also be selling this type of oppression to black people because, it feels good to ideological slaves for these white liberals.

Then Comes Trump…

Anyone with half a sense and the intellectual bandwidth higher than that of a gnat will know that critical race theory falls apart when data shows minorities are not just doing great, but destroying the white apex racial group in America.  Data shows explicitly that Asian Americans are completely overtaking white people in median income averages on top of education where Asian Americans are killing it.  To the point that Yale and Harvard actually stopped admitting Asians and white people from entry, and they’re being sued for it!  If white privilege is a thing, white people all over Appalachia as well as the homeless ones wandering our city streets, simply do not know how to cash in on that check!  Yet, racial re-education training seems to be rampant even within the government sector, only till President Trump got word and put an end to it.  The refreshing thing is, it means that no government agency will allow their incoming employees to watch videos and waste time with Leftist thinking and rhetoric as a means of training.  The fact that President Trump is also getting tired of the Leftist talking points about white men being racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazis and he’s literally putting in the extra effort to eject this type of thinking out of government training modules scores one for the books for the win for us!

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