Cardi B Hands Trump the Election

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We all know or at least have heard of this person Cardi B.  A former stripper, notorious for drugging and robbing men after she had her way with them.  Then she left that life and decided to pursue a rap career garnering millions of fans across the globe.  Noted to have appeared on various music award shows, collaborated with Bruno Mars on his song “Finesse”, and literally puts out (no pun intended) lots of content on her Instagram.  Yet, within the last two years, she has decided to have her play in the realm of politics.  Whether she’s trying to play the Kanye card or is making the attempt to influence her following to vote, her approach and her ideas have been, let’s say, less than stellar.  After trying to be diplomatic with Bernie Sanders, she made her pass again with Joe Biden two years later and again, dumpster fire is a more pleasant marshmallow roasting place than Cardi’s really sad attempt at her hand in politics.  But what really set it off was her feud with BLEXIT founder Candace Owens.

“Please Candace, get checked…”

In about 8 different posts, Cardi B decided it was in her tactical advantage to go after Candace Owens.  If you know Candace Owens, you know the girl doesn’t play around.  Cardi was all about that smoke and smoke she got.  On Twitter especially, the two went back and forth.  You can follow the feud on Candace’s Twitter and she also for the sake of transparency, posted the feud on her Instagram as well.  From facts to facts, and truth bomb to proverbial truth bomb, Candace brings dates, timelines, numbers, data to the argument.  Cardi B on the other hand, the highpoint of her input was her having the number one song in the UK and the States.  What is the number one song?  The song is entitled “WAP” which stands for, and excuse the crass classlessness of the title but “Wet A** P****” which is what Cardi B was arguing for.  Essentially, while Candace brings forth numbers and data supporting the reason why Cardi B’s vote for Biden is a mistake while revealing just how horrible her influence is, Cardi believes her having the number one song on the charts is a viable argument.  The sad part is, the followers on Cardi’s Twitter page shows just how uneducated and unbelievably simple they are.  The crazy thing is, while Cardi is thinking that she owned Candace as all her followers basically simp for her, Cardi’s Instagram shows no sign of the exchange.  Either signifying that she lost and doesn’t want people to see it showing the rampant dishonesty of the rapper, or embarrassed at the sheer smackdown she received.  When a celebrity closes off the comment section, it’s because they know they’re in the wrong and don’t want the smoke their opposition intends to bring.  Candace went deep and knowing Cardi, we hope the BLEXIT founder gets checked.

The Sorry State of Culture

This whole exchange though reveals the sorry nature of the Democratic party.  Because Cardi has the number one hit song in the UK and the US and broke into other international markets such as South Korea as Cardi so flagrantly brags about, because she has a large impressionable following of tweeners, teeny-boppers, and hip hop enthusiasts from across the globe all following her on social media, it was quite clear that Joe Biden had to trod her up and interview her and well, the interview was a train wreck.  Cardi is asking for lower taxes but wants free healthcare.  Biden reaching out to Cardi because her generation is smart yet she calls a photo of black conservative leaders praying for President Trump as “pandering.”  Angela Stanton King also had to weigh in on the lunacy that the rapper is digging a deep hole in.  This is the state the Democrats are in.  There are plenty of intellectual black people Joe Biden could have interviewed on the Left.  Obviously, “intellectual” is a gracious word to use to describe those on the Left, but there more refined, more articulate, and more presentable black people Biden could have asked to dialogue with, but the best they bring out is Cardi B?  Cardi B!  Excuse the language but, Cardi B?!  This is the best, the best, the Democrats can come up with, just short of an election.  Only to have their best lose it in a short-lived Twitter/Instagram feud which wasn’t at all a fair fight in any objective observation as Candace Owens was kind of punching down.  It’s like watching a skilled MMA fighter face off against a 3 year old with oversized boxing gloves.  It was sad, it was cringe, it was unfair, and it only made Cardi B and the Democrats look extremely horrible.  Cardi B has single handedly gave President Trump a win as now because of this, more people will be circulating Candace’s social media and will be exposed to what she has to say as well as with her book about to be released, knowing Candace to be an avid Trump supporter and an advocate for black excellence and a staunch fighter for the black community to do and be better, this election is surely on for the books as we can all thank Cardi B for the next four years.

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