The Pieces Are in Play

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If you have not heard, in American politics, Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden announced on August 11th, 2020 that Kamala Harris is his running mate for Vice President.  Conservatives and those on the Right have all saw the play that Biden would cast a woman of color as his pick but it was not known exactly who it was.  Some speculated it would’ve been Stacey Abrams of Georgia, Susan Rice, or Kamala Harris.  Others speculated that it would be a woman so they projected it to be wicked wench of the Midwest, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer but due to the heightened conditions of the culture, it had to be a black or brown woman and Biden showed his hand in it and chose Kamala Harris.

But First…

The memes are out folks and it is ruthless on the Conservative side.  Everyone who is anyone with the ability to make a TikTok, a meme, an Instagram post, and anything else the internet will allow is being made about Harris.  Nobody is letting anything go scott free with her!  From her record of incarcerating more black men for marijuana to the method on how she got her start in the political sphere to her gaffe with truancy laws in California and as of late, her apparent change of face where she looks like the bug alien from Men In Black.  The content emerging is brutal but it seems like not even Tulsi Gabbard could keep this Indian/Jamaican woman who identifies as African-American down.  Recall that she was the one who also accused Joe Biden of being for racist policies if not being a racist in general.  The apology was him picking her as Vice President candidate.  While the memes and the content from the Conservatives are out in force, the virtue signaling Left has also come out and applauded Biden’s pick (because of course they did!)

More than Optics, it’s an Op!

Yet, with this move, it seems the Left is now going in at full force to try and stop the silent majority from gaining any ground.  Kamala Harris’ former press secretary Nick Pacilio is now Twitter’s Communications Director!  Let that sink in for a bit.  Remember, Twitter is President Trump’s main mode of communicating to the American people and anyone with a Twitter account can see all of his Tweets.  He is ruthless and always gets massive amounts of engagement on his content whether it’s his tweets or his staff, it always gets the upvotes, retweets, and comments whether good or bad.  Yet with the latest DNC VP pick, it appears that the Left is moving their pieces into position.  Does this sound conspiratorial?  Perhaps.  But let the evidence speak for itself.

Kamala Harris is now in the running for Vice President of the United States.  Conservatives and the Right have all been making the distinct speculation that Joe Biden, based on his condition throughout these last few months, is essentially unfit to be President due to the sad nature of his demeanor and probable dementia.  Due to this speculation, many are making the claim that it is going to be the woman of color VP pick that’ll run the country with Biden serving as the puppet President.  Now that we know his pick for VP, the Left moved Nick Pacilio into the position that will put a dent into the method of how President Trump communicates with the American people.  CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media outlets will not run any of his briefings.  Is it any surprise that then Presidential candidate Kamala Harris called for the shut down of President Trump’s Twitter account?  Now that she is in the running for #2 in the nation, her former press secretary is now the Communications Director for the most widely used communication platform the President of the United States uses to communicate to the American people?  Again, conspiratorial?  Perhaps and yet, this seems to be quite possibly the most stacked, the most rigged election year to date and nothing has happened yet and we are still three months out.

Taking This Seriously

If there was a time to take things seriously, memes and attacks aside, if Trump 2020 is to be a reality, the silent majority cannot be silent any longer.  There is work to be done and as Larry Elder would continually hashtag in his Instagram content, we got a country to save.  Kamala Harris’ pawn is put in place and he will do what he can to disrupt the President’s mean to reach people with his agenda and with the mainstream media and other players in the entertainment media industrial complex also gunning for him, now along with Big Pharma who is not liking what he did with drug prices in the mix, President Trump is marked and it will take all of us who serve as not only those who are pulling the lever for Trump in November but all of us who want freedom and to take away the ability for these Left wing tyrants to exert any semblance of power any longer.  It will take all of us to flood the polls this November.  We do need to hang onto the momentum because there are limited outlets now that allow and afford us the means to engage culturally with Pacilio running the communications side of things on Twitter.  With Big Tech now seemingly jumping into politics to pollute the waters even more, we will need to do everything in our power to kick the Left out and be heard and raise hell if we are not.  This has to be how the Silent Majority acts, by being the majority who are sick and tired of the pandering, the virtue signaling, and the fearmongering that the Left continues to do.  If Biden wins, everything we love will burn because it’s not Biden who will light the match, it’ll be Harris who doesn’t just light the match, she’ll soak the whole matchbook in gasoline and put it into a Molotov cocktail next to a 5 megaton bomb in order to destroy this nation.  Again, like Larry Elder, we got a country to save which means we need to take these two clowns extremely seriously come voting time!

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