BREAKING: Kamala Harris Chosen as Biden VP Pick

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Joe Biden’s Twitter account announced at 4:11pm ET on Aug 11th, 2020 that Kamala Harris will be the pick as his running mate.  Bringing into fruition what the Conservatives were all aware of is now a reality.  The idea was that Biden is going to bring about a female Person of Color (POC) was stirring in the mix along with some conspiracy theories stating that Biden will simply be a puppet President while Kamala will be running the show from the background.  These theories aside, it is quite clear that the one who got her start in the political realm is now going to be running alongside former Vice President Joe Biden.

What This Could Mean for Trump 2020

Reality is something we do need to understand and Kamala Harris is definitely a fighter.  During her run for the Democrat Presidential pick, she harped on Biden about his lack of segregating busses back in the 60s and 70s.  But that’s not without a lack of self-awareness as Harris listened to Snoop and Tupac before Snoop and Tupac were Snoop and Tupac, all the while high on weed.  Speaking of, she was also the AG in California who incarcerated more black and brown people for weed which is what she bragged about back in 2015.  What this means for the Trump campaign is a lot of verbal gaffes, blunders, and misspoken nonsense coming out of both Joe and Kamala and if history and the Internet serves us, is Kamala Harris is not without her shortcomings, gaffes, shockers, and verbal mishaps.  

While we can sit here laughing and enjoying the schadenfreude the Democrats continue to make, we do need to err on the side of urgency because this is real life now.  Kamala Harris is in fact an outspoken black woman which means this is going to sway a lot of black voters and non-white voters out to the polls to ensure that the Biden campaign gets the minority vote because Kamala Harris is the VP pick.  This will speak to hordes of minorities and women and minority women as the Democrats once again played the gender/race card to pander and virtue signal in order to grab the minority votes. 

Again, while we were all aware of the play, we were waiting for it to come to fruition and now with Biden choosing Harris as VP running mate, it’s going to be an intense few months, or at least the Trump campaign should take them seriously.  Harris is in fact pretty in your face and she’s serious about her positions.  So we on the Right need to take her seriously as well.

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