RNC Day 1 Recap: Land of Promise

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Something about a soundtrack that swells the heart is found in every movie and every cinematic masterpiece.  That’s the opening video of the Republican National Convention.  What was the basis of this video?  It wasn’t a video stroking the ego of President Trump as though he was some megalomaniac.  It was a call to recognize the people who makes this nation.  Yes, he did go out of his way and does what he does but the crux of this night just based on this video is to ensure that he works for us, the people.  

A Sense of Decorum

There is definitely a stark contrast between the DNC and RNC conventions.  Democrats seemed to have made quirky and corny and ultimately failed attempts at trying to be funny, even though they have all of the award winning comedians in their back pockets and they still failed to provide an air of levity to the night.  The Republican Convention held this air of reverence mingled with messages of hope, strength, unity, and clear jabs at the Democrats and their records.  Comedy is not in the line up for night one but certainly a sense of respect and reverence for not just the office but also a sense of reverence towards the American people.  Charlie Kirk kicked off the night with a rousing speech calling for us to look to the future and ensure that we take hold of it with our votes.  Each individual speaker brought their own take not just on what President Trump has delivered in his first term but what the collective Democrats have not done in their entire political careers.  Kimberly Klacik of Baltimore to former NFL football player and personal friend of Trump Herschel Walker to even Democrat representative of Georgia, Vernon Jones all have made scathing indictments to the Democratic party while offering the American people the reality of what the President has achieved in his first term.

The Thrill of Hope

Throughout the night, there was a continual thread each speaker presented to the American people. The idea that we can stand together to ensure that the Trump agenda is one that can make Americans achieve and do more. Trump has done so much for the American citizen from hostage rescue to opening up funds for historic Black colleges and universities and yet each speaker called the citizenry to also do more, be more, and be better. What the Democrats lack in a message of positivity and hope, the Republican National Convention made it their foundation. The thematic element of the night was all of the promises the President said he’d do and all of the accomplishments he completed in this term. Each speaker, each video represented elements that spoke to the American people saying, “We did it, he helped us, you can do it too!” The added benefit was that the RNC had almost everyone from both sides of the aisle all speaking very basic American tenets of life. Congressman Vernon Jones is a Democrat. The McCloskeys of St. Louis who famously (and perhaps infamously) defended their property were big DNC donors. Kimberley Klacik is a moderate Republican. Yet they all saw firsthand the hostility, the lackadaisical nature as well as the hopelessness of what the Democrats proposed. Meanwhile, the RNC continued to make points about what Trump will do next in his next and final term as President. The contrast again, night and day. The DNC attempted to get laughs yet the message was simple, Get Trump Out. The RNC didn’t push any comedy but remain stately and to the point with no fluff other than the President giving candid air of relief during the interviews but other than that, that sense of respect and decorum to speak to the American, not at or even pander the way the Democrats have done during their week was prevalent.

Some Minor Critiques

It should be noted though that throughout the night, not one speaker offered the “how”. Many of the speakers spoke on some principles such as school of choice but not one of them offered the methods on how the President would achieve that. While it did feel good to hear your average small business owner or cancer survivor or veteran or even listening to a parent from Parkland talk about the visit with the President after the shooting or an American with Cuban roots speak on the horror of socialism that the Democrats have adopted, not one politician offered anything regarding methods to the points the President said he would implement. Talking points seems to be the name of the game and it definitely felt as though the RNC followed suit with the DNC in terms of just offering “what” without the “how”.

This is night one however so we are just getting started but what would probably have helped was to see how Vernon Jones would have helped his district in Georgia if he spoke about what he would do with some of Trump’s policies regarding opportunity zones. How would Tim Scott or Matt Gaetz utilize school of choice policies if Trump passes that bill forward? These talking points backed with methodology might have proven invaluable because the “how” is just as important as the “what”. We already have our “why”, but now it’s time to put some skin on these policies and bring them to fruition so that Americans can see how these will be done to benefit them. Also, there’s nothing but love for Kimberly Guilfoyle but she could’ve toned down the bombastic disposition a touch.

A Fantastic Night with More to Look Forward Too

The media has already begun to ramp up their venom regarding the night in order to try and clean up the fallout of such a failed DNC week. Was the first RNC night a bit lacking in terms of fun at the Left’s expense? To a certain degree sure, but that’s not to say that the Left has been the primary target as many of the speakers have been extremely vocal about what Joe Biden’s America will look like as we all have a taste of what Democrats have done to our cities and our lives. The RNC did capitalize on the failures of the Democrats and the Far Left and frankly, it was sweet to hear but this is night one and with three more nights to go, we can only hope that the momentum picks up and we hear more. Not just from a teleprompter of a prewritten speech, but from people who can inject not just the hope but also the fun of what being an American is all about and if night one is the primer for that, we can only buckle up because it’s going to be an amazing few days of nonstop American exceptionalism. At the expense of the Left and that’s the best part of all of what this night was about, pure red-blooded American pride and ragging on the Left!

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