RNC Day 2 Recap: Land of Opportunity

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The 2020 Republican National Convention kicked off Monday, with significant precautionary measures in place. Most convention business is virtual, with the exception of Monday’s roll-call vote in Charlotte, North Carolina, to nominate President Donald Trump for a second term.  

Each night of the convention features a different theme and night one’s was “Land of Promise” All week, the RNC is combining speeches, videos, surprises, and glimpses of Trump at work to replace the usual live audience and electric energy. Speakers include athletes, everyday Americans, business owners, politicians, appointed or elected officials, and members of the Trump family, all showcasing American ideals and freedom. In stark contrast to the gloom and doom of the DNC last week, the RNC is displaying the best of America’s past, present, and future.

For night two of the convention, the theme was “Land of Opportunity,” bringing the American Dream to life. The speaker lineup included a keynote from First Lady Melania Trump, along with Sen. Rand Paul, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Nicholas Sandmann, pro-life activist Abby Johnson and two of the President’s children, Eric and Tiffany. The speakers represented America as the land of opportunity for women, legal immigrants, young people, and the unborn.

Some of Night Two’s Highlights

Early in the evening, the RNC ran video footage of Trump pardoning a convicted felon who started a program to help prisoners re-enter society. Jon Ponder’s story of redemption was a powerful example of the First Step Act, Trump’s signature criminal justice reform.

Paul has not been afraid to criticize the President at times, but his shrewd support of Trump’s policies and successes show the power of putting country over minor disagreements.

Abby Johnson shared her powerful testimony as a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who left the organization and founded the non-profit And Then There Were None. Now a tireless advocate for life, she praised Trump as the most pro-life president in her lifetime.

“Covington Catholic Kid” Nick Sandmann, who successfully sued CNN for defamation after his experience at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019, took the media to task for their coverage. He astutely observed the anti-Trump narrative informing all their reporting and capped his remarks – literally – by slipping on his famous red MAGA hat.

A video montage showcased the groundbreaking number of women working in the Trump administration. He’s appointed over 100 women to various roles, from the White House Press Secretary to the Secretary of the Air Force.

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The President appeared again throughout, once to oversee a naturalization ceremony for 5 legal immigrants.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron pushed back on Joe Biden’s comments about black votes, vowing he will not be told how to vote based on his skin color.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke from Jerusalem, underscoring Trump’s historic Middle East peace deal reached last week.

Keynote Speech

Speaking from the beautifully updated White House Rose Garden, Melania Trump’s speech was positive, reassuring, and comforting, in true First Lady fashion. As a living embodiment of the American Dream, she consistently uses her unique platform to praise our nation. In a role she never expected to fill, FLOTUS seems to shine most when working with children, but she’s grown more comfortable in the spotlight behind the podium. Trump humbly shared her initiatives, promising to continue working on each one. She offered a glimpse into Donald Trump the man and husband, even joking, “Like it or not, you always know what he’s thinking!”

Overall, the Republican National Committee is hitting a home run each night, with a grand slam expected on Thursday when the President takes the stage for his acceptance speech. In a year where nothing is typical, the RNC is providing much-needed hope, normalcy, and gentle reminders of the many ways the American Dream is alive and well.

Rebecca Horvath
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