Hero Cop Saves Man from Train

Hero Police Officers in our Midst

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In the midst of the recurring news of BLM protests across the country, a story comes to us in the form of a video from Lodi, California, showing a heroic police officer risking it all to save a man from an oncoming train. This hero cop saves a man from the speeding train just in the nick of time! According to CBSnews.com the unidentified man, who was referred to only as a 66 year old man, was attempting to cross a railroad track when his wheelchair became lodged in the tracks.

Fortunately for him, Officer Erika Urrea of the Lodi police Department was patrolling near the scene. When the officer pulled up to the tracks, she observed the man stuck on the tracks, even as the crossing arms that warned of the approaching train were closing.

Without further thought, the officer jumped out of her cruiser. The officer notified dispatch of the incident as she ran to the man’s aid. Unable to free the chair, she realized she would have to drag the wheelchair-bound man out of harm’s way. The entire incident, from the time the officer got out of the squad car to when the train hit his chair, was only 15 seconds. Seconds really do matter.

Unfortunately, it appeared the man was struck by the train, resulting in a leg injury, although the severity of it is still unknown. He is, however, expected to make a full recovery. This incident follows a series of railway accidents in the San Joaquin County area. Already this year, 5 deaths have occurred, adding to the total of eleven deaths during the previous year.

Courtesy of CBS Evening News

In the current national environment in which protestors chant “Defund the police”, and “ACAB” ( All cops are bastards), this is a refreshing reminder of just how much we depend on our men and women in blue. Not only do they respond when called, but they are always on duty to serve and protect as in this situation. So often, the reputations of all officers are tarnished by the acts of a few bad cops, all the while ignoring the multitudes of positive actions they take for their communities. 

I was shocked to see the response on Twitter. Approximately 70% of the comments were positive. There were, of course, the usual number of those posting contrary opinions. One Twitter user asked, “Was he white?”, suggesting  that if the man had been black, the officer may have handled it differently. Some even posted “ACAB”, ignoring the magnificent deed performed by this courageous officer.

One must wonder, if the man had been the father of one of these protesters, it might help them see the police in a different light. Who knows? In this crazy time we’re living in, anything is possible.


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Tom Roberts
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