Flops on Both Sides

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If you haven’t heard it before, you’re hearing it here.  Perhaps you were busy and didn’t seem to care because you were too busy loving your spouse deeply.  Perhaps you were playing with your children?  Maybe you were working overtime to even worry.  Is it possible you were fixing your car?  Getting the gains in the gym and walking out with a serious pump?  Were you simply walking your dog (unless you’re in Miami where that’s a public health hazard according to the RINO mayors there!).  Either way, you were probably living your life too well in order to realize that on YouTube and PBS, the Democrats held their first Democrat National Convention and it was digital.  Needless to say, it was a dumpster fire and many people on both sides are taking shots at the DNC!

Breaking It Down 

It’s as you would expect.  Lots and lots and lots of pandering, spitting talking points about systemic racism and universal free everything, but no solutions or policies about it.  What made this convention so unique was due to the fact that it was all digital.  Which meant there should have been some foresight and excellence brought to all of this.  If in fact the Democrats want to win in 2020, they needed to market themselves as better because XYZ.  But rather than offering solutions and promoting policies, they just issued the basic “Anything but Trump” which doesn’t really persuade anyone who is remotely savvy with their understanding of culture and politics.  Much like the marketing of the radical Left as they take widely accepted statements and market them to be their movements, the generic and quite frankly geriatric moderate Democrats have not learned from their radical counterparts and rather than coming up with their own stuff, they simply got in line and bent their knees and followed suit with the radical left agenda talking points.  They bent their knees quicker than the House Democrats did for George Floyd looking like Wakanda chess pieces.  

Of course when it comes to the Democrats, Hollywood is not far behind and they came out in full force.  From WAP nastiness Cardi B interviewing Joe Biden, to Alyssa Milano whining about her podcast exposure yet being so f-ing happy to be a Dem to even former First Lady Michelle Obama putting her unwanted two cents into the conversation, it was full force on day one.  Some are stating that Michelle Obama went and asserted to the viewers saying that not voting for Joe Biden will make things much worse.  Many have stated on Instagram that this was a threat.

The Response

You know the sense you get when you see a devastating car crash happening and it all happens in slow motion, that is what the convention was like and people from all walks of the spectrum are saying how much of a disaster it was.  Marianne Williamson voiced her opinion on the night and it wasn’t a glowing take at all!  Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk also stated that this night was a win for the Trump Campaign, especially when the convention closed and they ended the night Billy Porter’s rendition of the Stephen Stills “For What It’s Worth.”  Many have asked the question, “Why end the convention with this hopeless song?”  Others have observed how unbelievably out of touch the mainstream Democrats have gotten especially with all their wallets, they still made this low budget style video.  Especially when it’s Billy Porter, a suspected gay black man with the author of the song standing around playing his guitar.  Tim Pool said it looked like a video project of a high school freshman using a free copy of Movie Maker.  People all over are talking about the ending song and it’s completely the most “not cool” and “out of touch” the DNC has gotten.

Yet Nothing From the RNC?

What is also shocking is that the Republican party has not really done much in terms of messaging either.  The only pushback with any content is from President Trump himself with his latest ads calling Biden “slow” and Kamala Harris as “phony” but other than that, the RNC has put out nothing.  There have been some from the likes of Gaetz but otherwise, the Republican party in general has done nothing to counter or put out a message of their own and with elections coming up, many are saying that Trump is not with the Republican Party and that the Right are not playing the long game like the Left has done.  The fear that many Conservatives have is this disjointedness from the party with any lack of messaging and definitely for the Black Community, feigning ignorance to real issues black people have faced.  There are definitely improvements on both sides for sure but if Conservatives do not come up with something for the long haul, we will continue to play short games and have these meager victories but in the end will become meaningless and the Republican party has not stepped up and Trump will only be in office for so long.  If this is the track record for the Democrats, then the Republicans need to pull out all the stops and back anyone who is on board with Trump’s agenda and if that means intra party support for any Congressional candidates on board with the Keep America Great movement and working to push that forward is not a luxury any longer, but a necessity.  This is especially true when primaries have already happened in Florida and Massachusetts and it seems that Ayanna Pressly just won her seat again.

Vision of the Journey

We are already seeing what the Democrats wants for our cities.  So far, all we are seeing in blue run cities are charred remains sitting upon hobo urine and rat king carcasses.  Even if Trump is in office for four glorious more years, are we asking the question, “What about afterwards?  What are we going to do after these years?”  Democrats have already played their hand with the riots and the looting and the division of people based on gender, class, race, and sexuality.  America may not survive if another Democrat capitulates to the Left and they hold office.  This means we who backed Trump need to know what we know and are not afraid to voice it to our representatives.  If anything, these Congressional officials work for the people and if they misbehave, we have every reason to fire them and fire them whether they are a do-nothing Democrat or a Republican In Name Only who follows suit with the Democrat playbook.  America must stand independent or else we fall with the rest of them, and the alternative is none to pleasing for those who want families, jobs, wealth, church, and liberties we are endowed by our Creator to possess.  Government should only recognize those rights, not define them and the Democrats seem to want to define them for us.  Need convincing on that?  Just look at what a global pandemic did to our “rights!”  The time is now to adopt a vision for the long haul and a continual fight to ensure we keep America America.

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