Review: The Survival Summit’s “Survival Bugout” Video

The Grab-and-Go Items to Pack if You Have to Evacuate Immediately

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As the world seems to get scarier by the day, many people are starting to plan for what they would do in a survival situation. Contingencies range for everything from a grid-down situation (where the electricity cuts off by disaster or malevolence) to forums about how to survive a theoretical zombie apocalypse. Where you find yourself on the prepping spectrum is up to you. With the events of recent weeks, including the shooting of an eight-year-old girl in Atlanta and the armed protesters extorting money from passers-by at Stone Mountain, GA, you need to consider your survival strategy now more than ever.

In the Survival Bugout video from The Survival Summit production company, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) instructor Jonathan Hollerman educates viewers abut how to assemble a good bug-out bag to prepare for a disaster situation. Admittedly, this kind of scenario is something that most people rather not think about. Most of us assume that the government will protect our homes and businesses when societal norms start to break down.

If the last six months have shown us anything, the government is ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic that is hitting less than 4% of the population. Civil unrest has also demonstrated the limitations of state and local authorities. How will the government react when 50% of the grid is down, or there is an attack on a major city? Some people considered survivalist merely “crazy preppers” mere months ago. Now they are the type of experts to turn to to ensure that your bug-out bag is ready to go.

As the publishers explains about the film, “Disaster can strike anytime, whether it be a financial collapse, pandemics, loss of the electric grid, or the many other scenarios that could cause a complete societal collapse.

“Would you stay in town with millions of desperate and starving people or would you get the hell out of Dodge? Every situation has hundreds if not thousands of variables and there is no easy answer, but this instruction film will give you the knowledge you need to survive if you do need to Bug out.”

Who Can Benefit from this Video Course?

With a 117-minute run time, Survival Bugout appears to be designed to be an introductory-to-moderate level tutorial to assist those who have thought about a crisis situation but have done little to prepare it. Hollerman makes a concerted effort to bring everyone up to speed before moving on to more advanced items. Think of the first few segments as a refresher if you are survival enthusiast. Anybody can learn new things from an new expert teacher, and Hollerman is definitely an expert.

This can also be a good video for children so they can understand the items that they will need if the world goes off the rails. If you have a plan, then there is less need to worry. Hollerman’s calm, no-nonsense attitude is reassuring as viewers of all ages can learn the basics of assembling a bug-out bag. With a wide market, The Survival Summit has a lot of people they can help. Given these factors, this video earns a 7.5 out of 10 for the potential market.


The video is divided into 20 segments or chapters, with each segment emphasizing a specific aspect of the bug-out bag. Hollerman takes the time to explain what you need and also why you need it. This makes the video relevant to anyone who seeks to learn more about how to prepare.

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The video provides a step-by-step approach to build your bug-out bag. There are no bells and whistles in this video (or the series generally), just down-to-earth preparation guidelines. Explaining what you need and how to pack your bag is a time-saver that eliminates the need to peruse forums and websites to expand your knowledge base.

Nor does Hollerman get sidetracked by the “universal bag” issue. Instead, he teaches you what you need for each type of survival bag. As such, this video earns a 6 out of 10 in the content/usefulness category.


This video scores high on the utility scale. It is relatively quick, to the point, and avoids adding any confusing elements or information just there to pad a teacher’s ego. See one of the chapters embedded below.

Hollerman delivers a strong product that can enable you find the proper items to include in your bug-out bag. Thus, Survival Bugout receives a 9 out of 10 for utility.


Hollerman is somewhat deadpan, which is preferable in an instructor who is teaching you how to stay alive. This makes for effective training. Parenthetically, I recommend watching no more than a couple of segments a day. Not only does this break up the gloom and doom of the prospect of the world ending, it also allows you to process what you are learning.

Survival Bugout is also educational for the entire family. During the COVID pandemic, discussing with your loved ones what could happen if it gets worse is not fun, but it is important. Sit down with your family to make a plan for a worst-case scenario. How will you get home? How will you get from home to a safe place? Where will the family meet?

A disaster can happen anywhere and at any time. You should have a plan for all emergencies. With that in mind, Survival Bugout earns a 6 out of 10 for watchability.

The Cool Factor

This video is pretty cool. I have watched a lot of survival videos and TV shows and read many books on the subject. Hollerman’s video, however, conveyed new and useful information. While native survival skills are important, technology exists, for example, that will make our lives easier if we have access to it.

A SERE instructor starring in his video was a masterstroke for The Survival Summit. With the addition of a cool factor of 8 out of 10, this video earns an overall score of 36.5, which puts it head and shoulders above other similar available material.

With its motto of learn, survive, and thrive, The Survival Summit brings experts into your home through video to teach you how to prevail when the water starts to rise. Right now, things are a little edgy, so you may want to brush up on some good survival preparedness and preparation.

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