Survival Education Review: “Into The Woods” Survival Course

Into The Woods by Joshua Enyart

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With all the craziness going on in the world today, preppers are not looking as crazy as we once did. People are worried, cities are scared and the wilderness is seen as a safe haven for many people who once scoffed at rural people as “hillbilly’s” or “Rednecks.” Now wilderness survival skills are a valuable commodity as groups such as Antifa are attacking communities around the country. Looking for experts to provide simple skills for regular people, is a difficult task. This is a difficult task made much simpler by The Survival Summit. They are a production company that works with some of the best and most sought after experts in the survival, bushcraft, self-defense, and prepper industry.

The “Grey Bearded Green Beret” Extends His Expertise

Into The Woods is an amazing class for beginning campers, preppers, and even people who have been involved with going out into the woods for a long time. Joshua Enyart, known as the Grey Bearded Green Beret, introduces skills in a pattern that makes sense at a level that allows for absorption. In a series of shorter videos, which makes the package more consumable, Enyart teaches one skill, then explains how to use that skill.
The pattern of introducing a skill then learn how to use a skill makes the course much more accessible to people who do not have a strong background in wilderness survival. Many survival courses diminish people because they do not have excellent skills in knot craft or tracking. Enyart starts from a point of assuming that people are not skilled and then attempt to bring their level of skill up to passable.

Into The Woods – Learn Skills Necessary In A Survival Situation From Expert Joshua Enyart

While some “hardcore” survivalists, you know the ones who go out of the way to tell you that you will die during the zombie apocalypse, a famine or whatever disaster they are preparing for, will think that this course is simple. Even expert survivalists may pick up some tips and tricks that are useful in a dangerous situation. People who are new to the area will find volumes of information that could help them in a survival situation or just might make camping a little more bearable. This gives Into The Woods a score of 8 out of 10 for the market variance.

Practical Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

As noted, Into The Woods is a simple course, with some very useful skills. Enyart and his team teach people how to gather resources, do simple primitive navigation, securing water, securing shelter, preparing your campsite, and the basics of setting up food traps. These are the basic skills that a person needs while they are in the wild to survive.

The order of the content is also well done. Too often, survival porn shows people you need to do crazy things to survive in the wild. Joshua Enyart gives the world a dose of realism by showing how even simple preparations can may your camping trip better or your “bug out” bag more complete. One of the most interesting prep items I learned about was a pre-prepared ridgeline for your tent. I had always made one on the spot, but the way he set it up as a pre-prepared resource was phenomenal. The content is amazing for beginners and experienced people alike, earning a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Widely Acclaimed and Trusted Information

Survival courses live and die by how useful they are to their audience. With such a wide audience, Into the Woods has a difficult task of being useful for everyone who watches the video. However, the team at The Survival Summit did a great job of making the information usable.

Joshua Enyart and his team were effective in making online learning effective for the real world. He teaches people how to prep for an experience, things you can do ahead of time to ensure that you are able to react the way that you need too. All to often, survival porn shows people scavenging for resources. If you are planning on being in the wilderness, you should have some resources with you. The odds of you getting lost on a trip are much higher than surviving a plane crash on a desert island (alone)! This makes this course much more useful than many “TV” courses, earning a score of 7.5 out of 10.


When you have a digital course, you need to see whether people are going to watch it. If people are watching it, then do they love it or hate it. In the case of Into The Woods, not only do you want to watch it, when it gets to the end you wish he was teaching you more. Enyart’s underplayed humor and no-nonsense attitude make him relatable to the viewer.

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The skills that are being taught in the course are skills that anyone can see how they are useful. You are not learning rappelling, how to high dive or the ways to kill large game in the wild. Into the Woods shows you skills that can be adapted to a multitude of situations that make sense, even to people who have never really been in the woods. The videos are not flashy, but they are well-produced and give you a strong desire to learn more skills, earning a 7 out of 10 for watchability.

Novelty/Cool Factor

Learning survival from a green beret is cool unless you are some sort of mutant who thinks leaving the “sanctuary” of the city is a horrible thing or a criminal who hates members of the military. Joshua Enyart brings the information that you need to know to your fingertips, taking the time to show you what skills you need to have and how you can utilize them in the wild.

The fact that the skills being taught are very relevant in the modern world today. Whether you fear the collapse of society or you just need to get away from the groupthink of the mainstream media, going into the woods is a great way to help center yourself. Any time you go into an environment, you should know the basic skills to be safe there. Joshua’s course shows you these skills and does so in a fun, informative way. This earns Into The Woods a 9 for the cool factor.

Overall Review of Into The Woods: Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Into The Woods as a course that you should watch with your family. Teach your kids how to make some basic knots, how to set up a tent or how to build a fire. These are skills that will never get old and will never be a problem for them to know. We are letting some of our historical skills fade away from human knowledge. Programs like Into The Woods help keep people aware of how they can go back into the woods if needed. The Survival Summit has put together a great package here earning an amazing 40 out of 50 for this program. I hope you will take the time to check them out and improve your skills, whether for fun or for survival in these troubled times.

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