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I recently sat down and watched an hour long video with Attorney Sidney Powell, the attorney that recently came to the rescue of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. During the interview, Powell shared all the secrets the FBI was desperate to keep from Flynn and the public, revealing the entire plot from beginning to present. As you may or may not have heard, Flynn is in a battle for his life over a case involving the Russia investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

To quickly review, Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI and was used to create the illusion of collusion to get Mueller appointed to investigate possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. We know now from Mueller himself and recently declassified documents, that the investigation was without merit. One of the reasons we now know what we know is due to the diligent work done by Powell to get all charges against Flynn dropped. I recently did an article on Michael Flynn  and I was looking for fresh insight into the case. When I saw the interview, I wasn’t disappointed. 

In the spring of 2019, Sidney Powell was approached by the Flynn legal team and asked to look into his case before he accepted his sentence that was to be handed down by Judge Sullivan. Luckily, Judge Sullivan had asked Flynn if he would like to take some time before he handed down the sentence. Flynn agreed. It may have been the smartest decision he’s ever made.

Flynn then decided to reach out to Powell to see if there was anything she could do to help him. He knew he had done nothing wrong and was being treated extremely unfairly. Powell said she had been following the Flynn case for some time and was deeply disturbed at what she had seen, even if only as an outsider looking in. She felt that Flynn was not getting adequate representation and was glad when she was called upon to assist.

One thing that surprised me were her opinions of Judge Sullivan. Powell wrote Licensed to Lie. The book laid out her experiences dealing with the Federal Court system and how bad it was. She writes of abuses of power on a grand scale. She was even quoted as saying, “If you’re charged with a federal crime, you’re toast”.

In her book she talks about the villain and the hero. The villain is, oddly enough, Attorney Andrew Weissmann, Wiessmann was the lead investigator in the Russia collusion investigation. It was he who was responsible for the compilation of the Mueller report that concluded that no American had colluded with any Russian entity. Wiesman has a long history of denying defendants their rights and even making up evidence.

Even stranger to me is that the hero of the book is our own Judge Sullivan. For years she bragged about how fair he was, that he was an honorable man. Stranger than that, she had had enormous respect for him. When it came to releasing Brady material, he was one of the best. For those who may not know, Brady material is any information that the prosecution has on a defendant that shows he’s innocent or may help his case in any fashion.

Judge Sullivan

In all of Powell’s years of dealing with Sullivan, she had never had problems. It was different this time. Every single request made by Powell to see Brady material was denied. Powell was shocked. To this day there is still evidence she has not been able to see, evidence that shows just how dishonest the whole investigation was and still is.

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They fought against releasing the documents because every released document showed the FBI had thrown out all normal investigative techniques when it came to Flynn. Sidney is responsible for acquiring the now famous documents in which handwritten notes exposed the goal of interrogating Flynn, not to seek justice but rather to get him to lie to the FBI. One of the agents involved is a lesser known name, Joe Pientka. The other is well known to anyone even remotely following the Russia story. His name, of course, is Peter Strzok.

Strozk came on the scene early in 2017 when text messages between himself and his paramour, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, and then Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe. Their text messages got me interested in the Russia probe and I’ve been following it and writing about it ever since. Interestingly enough, after the Flynn interview, both agents that interrogated Flynn affirmed that either Flynn didn’t lie or he believed what he was telling them.

The two agents were in possession of the transcript at the time. They already knew what he had said. They were just trying to trap him into lying. During an FBI interview, if the agents suspect the person may be lying, they are required by law to remind them of the Federal Statute 18 USC § 1001, which states that lying to the FBI is a federal offense, punishable by five years in a federal institution.

The Bad Actors

Flynn was never given that courtesy as it would have been counterproductive to their goal. When then Director of the FBI James Comey met with then outgoing President Obama, Comey told President Obama that Flynn appeared to be “Legit.” That was the same meeting in which Vice President Joe Biden suggested they use the ‘Logan Act” to prosecute him. However, when asked by George Stephanopoulos about what he knew about the intent to investigate Flynn, Biden replied, “I know nothing about the moves to investigate the Michael Flynn case.”

 He repeated the question word for word and said, “I know nothing about the moves to investigate Micheal Flynn”. He then explained, sounding extremely annoyed, that, “All of this is simply a diversion. Trump does this kind of thing all the time.” When reminded of his presence at the Oval Office meeting, he fumbled around and said, “Oh I thought you said, “Do I know anything about him being prosecuted”? He  then said, “I was aware there was a prosecution, but that’s all.”  He was clearly lying. Stepenaponulos failed to ask Biden about being the one who suggested using the Logan Act. I would have enjoyed watching him explain that one.

Flynn was previously being defended by the firm Covington and Burling. Oddly enough, one of the partners of this firm was none other than Obama’s once Attorney General, Eric Holder, a conflict of interest that should have raised flags from the beginning. When Powell took over, his previous attorneys were holding exculpatory evidence which they had hidden from him, a serious breach of ethics. After learning of this, Powell petitioned the Department of Justice and demanded they drop all charges.

After an internal investigation ordered by Attorney General William Barr, Barr agreed with the request and petitioned the court to drop all charges against Flynn. Normally when the prosecution drops the charges and both sides agree, the court complies with the request. But not in this case. Judge Sullivan became angry and proceeded to get an outside opinion on whether or not Flynn should be charged with perjury for initially admitting to lying and then changing his claim.

Very Strange Circumstances

To the legal community, this was seen as very strange as, normally, the court does not seek charges against a defendant. That is the job of the Justice Department and to do so violates the Separation of Powers Act. Courts belong to the legislative branch, and the DOJ belongs to the executive branch, and they are intended to provide a check and balance. Eventually, Powell was forced to file what is known as a writ of mandamus. Attorneys use mandamus  when they believe that a government official is acting inappropriately, in this case, the judge himself. 

Unfortunately, Judge Sullivan went even further by sending the case to an appeals court to render a decision. The appeals court arrived at a conclusion with a two to one decision and ordered Sullivan to drop the case. Even this decision was not enough to get Sulliuvan to drop it, leaving many attorneys to speculate that Sullivan was being pressured to keep the case open for political reasons.

We must remember that the Flynn case was used as evidence of possible collusion to justify the appointment of the special counsel . We now know from other recently declassified documents that, at the time it began, there was no evidence of collusion and they knew it. We also know that Flynn was investigated for months in 2016 and the FBI was unable to find one piece of derogatory information. 

Flynn’s Reputation Destroyed

General Flynn is a 33 year veteran who fought in combat multiple times. He served his country honorably and,, for his service he was rewarded by being accused of a crime they knew he did not commit. His family was threatened with further prosecution. They bankrupted him to the tune of six million dollars and destroyed his legacy of loyal service. All of this done with knowledge and approval of former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

At the time of the writing of this article, Judge Sullivan had still not complied with the order to dismiss. Extreme pressure from above must have been placed on him for Judge Sullivan to risk his otherwise stellar career. He will likely be accused of politicizing a legal process in order to hide facts that show Michael Flynn was used to further a completely unjustified investigation into Donald Trump. I can promise you that we have not heard the last of this. As more material and previously classified information becomes available, the truth will come out. Perhaps MSM might do an honest report on this case, but I doubt it.

Tom Roberts
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