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We live in an age where facts, numbers, statistics, data, and real talking points that shed light on problems do not matter any longer.  It’s a time when data is considered “racist”.  Where numbers and statistical analyses can be considered “sexist” and should be ignored because, “muh feelsies”.  We’ve gotten to a point where some folks are so intersectional that drawbridges are “misogynistic”.  You are probably laughing at that statement till you clicked the link and it took you to the article highlighting the sentiment.  It was probably at that moment you realized you stepped into a dimension where there couldn’t be enough stupid in every facet of our known reality that could come up with ideas so ridiculous that it human centipeded all that stupid into our eye holes, and then when you couldn’t stop to question the reality of the world you live in, this article left you more depressed, more heartbroken, and more nihilistic than ever before.  It probably begged the question of how we got here.  Was there ever a time when people actually did some thinking?  Was there a point in history where we were able to comprehend facts and logic and in turn, use reality to serve as the talking points that afforded us solutions?  How did we arrive to our current point in time when a feminist thinks she has enough credible to push forward that kind of literary excrement into our reality to leave us feeling like all hope is lost?  We have friends and yet, hope springs eternal as there was a point in time when people actually had, you know, moral fiber and intelligence.

Oh Don…

It is exhausting but we do have to go there.  Don Lemon, an anchor at the dumpster fire TMZ-esque organization known as CNN is literally a complete and utter fail at his career.  Columbia Journalism Review voted him as the worst journalist of the year back in 2014 and to this day, he lives up to that standard and embodies that Far Left double standard.  But just like Democrats, they wouldn’t have standards if they didn’t have double standards so, it’s kind of par for the course.  There are many Don Lemon debacles we can all hearken back to.  So many fails it would be mind-numbing to watch but there are plenty of Don Lemon fails to be sure.  The sheer elitist snobbery of this journalist is incorrigible and insufferable to say the least as we know how he feels about everyday Americans.  It’s hard to believe he still has a career after so many fails, so many weird creepist type behaviors, and even fundamentally being ignorant of basic ideas like saying “Jesus was admittedly not perfect.”  But it wasn’t always like this for the man.  There was a time when he was pretty spot on and actually decent and one we could have supported!  Venture with me world champions as we take our Mike Pence time machine and hop back seven years prior, to more, simpler times.

Circa 2013

It was in the midst of Obama’s second term and while we were all paying for really bad health insurance with substandard coverage, hiked up premiums, loss of our Primary Care Physicians, and a “Health Mandate Tax” that literally took money from us if we chose not to use health insurance, there was something in the air that was, at least cordial.  We could always talk openly for the most part (because if you speak out against Barack Obama, you’re racist!).  The news while always being propaganda in every respect as though hidden in plain sight, was tolerable because with Obama slickness making things at least workable socially.  Turning on the news wasn’t so bad as they actually did some semblance of reporting.  

In a segment Don Lemon used a clip from Fox News Bill O’Reilly on his own show, on CNN!  If that happened in 2020, that would be a Leftist crime, getting you cancelled out right, on principle!  So here’s Don Lemon and in one segment, he spoke to the black community.  It was former President Obama who said, “The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African American family.  Raised without much structure, young black men reject the education process and gravitate towards vice.”  Don then cuts back and says, “He’s got a point.  In fact, he’s got more than a point… but in my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough because black people, if you really really want to fix the problem, here’s just five things that you should think about doing.  Here’s number five, pull up your pants… number four now is the n-word… now number three, respect where you live… number two, finish school.  You want to break the cycle of poverty, stop telling kids they’re acting white because they go to school or they speak proper English… and number one and probably the most important one, just because you can have a baby, it doesn’t mean you should especially without planning for one or getting married first.”  Surprised?  Bewildered?  Sounds spot on right?  Yes!  Yes to all that!  Respectable positions.  Logically sound!  Accurate based on all statistical data points.  It was as if Don Lemon 2013 actually cared about the black community.  You can watch him say those points again here.

So What Happened?

We all know that Obama did nothing for race relations.  In fact, he pretty much heightened the tension for it, maliciously sowing discord between whites and blacks in the country.  Then Donald Trump happened as it ensuring the eclipsing legacy of Obama fading into nothingness and the change we thought we got with Obama disappeared and we went from limp wristed apology tours to “Screw you Iran!  Screw you China!  Screw you Mexico!  Screw you NATO!  Screw you UN!  Screw you WHO!”  We started to win and winning felt good but because the black man who represented blacks and gays, more gays, left the Oval Office ensuring that orange is the new black, Don Lemon cracked and well, we have what we have now.  Sadly, it’s not working great for him even if we are laughing at the shell of a man who was once bright, and probably somewhat respectable.

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