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How Will Current Events Affect Statewide Elections?

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As decorum unravels around the country, various state-wide elections are either taking place now, or soon will be. Only a week ago, the Wuhan Flu had dictated to many State Governors how they would carry out their respective upcoming elections. Mostly Democrat Governors, across the land, have successfully championed mail-in voting. With that, come many valid concerns, as expressed by Tucker Carlson and President Trump, himself. What’s more, will postal carriers even be able to deliver ballots to all citizens in all communities, if social upheaval gains lasting traction? Might we see increasing fear to deliver to select neighborhoods emerge?

Still processing what has taken place, Bob & Eric discuss widespread riots in the wake of the outrageous killing of George Floyd. Special guest, Carly Koppes, Clerk and Recorder of Weld County, Colorado, provides some food-for-thought regarding her state’s approach to preventing voter fraud. This episode is a must-see as America truly enters uncertain times.
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