America At War

Major City Streets are Ablaze

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The streets are mobilizing before our eyes. Anarchists aim to dismantle capitalism, while other groups want to abolish law enforcement as we know it. In its wake, ideas of ‘community policing’ are being discussed. Basically, leave the policing of certain communities to them to decide upon, whatever form that would take. Might this be the birth of U.S. sanctioned no-go zones

What happens if it is declared by future ‘independent’ authorities that you had committed a ‘hate-crime’ against one of their own on social media, for instance? Would they come for you? Could they be stopped if they did? We are seeing each day on television that violent crowds thrive en masse, and authorities largely only offer neutered responses. Thrust into the oldest battle on earth, good vs. evil, we are watching the angry and lawless win every round so far.

Bob & Eric team up with JD Rucker, as they discuss the ideological and physical conflicts going on right now in the United States.
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