Stitt on the Bench: MAGA Athletes, NHL Prospect Victim of Trolling, and NBA Pay-Cuts

The Pre-Game Show: What is Going on in Sports While Impacted by COVID-19?

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At all levels of competition, sports are impacted by COVID-19. We’ve had seasons postponed, or canceled, and it is putting thousands out of work. This virus is a serious matter, but the numbers have receded in most cases. Many sports lovers cannot wait until the sporting world restarts its engine. In fact, many are probably at the point where they would get a thrill just to watch curling.    

Today on Stitt on the Bench, we have a host of topics. First, we’re going to follow the recent tweets of MAGA athletes Colby Covington and Tara LaRosa. Then, a video call with a top NHL prospect takes a sinister turn. Finally, the NBA and NBPA are negotiating pay-cuts. What will come of that? So many stories, yet so little space. Let’s hope the readers enjoy this presentation of Stitt on the Bench.

The First Period: KAG Colby and MAGA LaRosa

Wow, it appears America’s Champ would love to get back to work! In a recent tweet to his employer, the UFC, this was evident. Covington is salivating to get in the ring with Tyron Woodley. Hopefully, at UFC 249, this could happen. In the meantime, dip shit Woodley appears to have blocked Covington. Talk about social distancing. 

Her words ring true, how sickening the hypocrisy. LaRosa stood firmly behind President Donald Trump. Bashing his leftist critics like they were standing across the cage. Protecting the leader of the nation may seem illogical to some, but millions of Americans have his back. They understand that the President remains entrusted with the protection of 327 million people. Can the left not see the importance of his good health?

The Second Intermission: Racist Troll is an Ass Hat

Contrary to what the left will tell you, Conservatives and right-leaning Libertarians are not racist. Thanks to the left and media brainwashing, Conservatives have become associated with racism, but it is not accurate. When we hear a report like this, we become upset. During a video call with New York Rangers prospect K’Andre Miller, a sinister turn would become the narrative. When the 20-year old defenceman from Wisconsin met a racist hacker troll.

During the Zoom chat, the team hurried to remove the troll. The hacker also became heavily involved in the Rangers’ ‘Future Fridays’ series on Twitter. Carefree, he had repeatedly posted that one-word slur. Simply unacceptable, and the 20-year-old K’Andre Miller handled himself well. Mature and modest, the defenseman appears to do well under pressure.  

It is unfathomable that some human beings can be okay with such discourse. Arrogantly, the hacker believed he had the support of fellow watchers. He quickly found out his satire was unappreciated, not to mention vile and morally repugnant. In 2020, all men are equal. By the way, Miller signed a $3,825,000 contract with the New York Rangers. What has this troll done in life? K’Andre Miller is well on his way to becoming a staple of Sports Center.  

Start of the Third: The NBA Scrambles to Cut Costs

The NBA and the NBPA are other sports impacted by COVID-19 and they are currently discussing pay-cuts. The league is proposing a 50 percent pay decrease to talent. The players, surprisingly, are willing to take a cut. This is ironic, as there is an old joke associated with pro-athletes and money. The players are only willing to give up 25 percent. This means that they would have to drive the Lotus instead of the Hummer (sarcasm intended).

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The NBA, like all other major sports and events, have suspended their season. This virus pandemic is a dark cloud over sports. Thus, with no revenue coming in, one can understand the leagues perspective. Gingerly, the negotiations continue. Surely soon, the league and its players will agree. For now, there are no decisions or breaking developments. Stay tuned to this story, and keep on top of it.

The Final Minute of Play

Hopefully, we see Covington vs. Woodley at UFC 249. That match-up will be phenomenal. It would be great to see MAGA Tara LaRosa rip through an opponent soon. The mixed-martial-arts world will benefit significantly from Covington vs. Woodley. If promoted properly, it will be a huge fight.

The NBPA should agree to the 50 percent pay-cut. Even if no sports restart until September, the players can afford it. Undoubtedly, the players realize the financial impact this will have on their home arena. There may not be a hefty sum for any team to pay when it is resigning time. Finally, it will be hard to wait to see the capabilities of K’Andre Miller. When the NHL starts up again, hopefully, he can produce quality puck. The world of sports, impacted by COVID-19 for now, sits as dormant as many businesses around the country. Soon, hopefully, that will change. Until next time, shalom my friends.

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