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It is Time the Republican Party Supports Candidates Who Want the Best for America

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In 2016, Donald Trump rode down the elevator of Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Bill Kristol, founder of the Conservative publication The Weekly Standard, not only opposed anything about Donald Trump, he fought against him. It became instantly clear the Republican Party did not accept Trump and would fight him and his candidacy. President Trump prevailed and was victorious in one of the most unique grassroots efforts ever seen in US politics.  

Trump Succeeding Despite Opposition From All Sides

However at CPAC 2020 four years later, The Weekly Standard is defunct and President Trump is leading a resurgence of the Republican Party. Bill Kristol is not pleased with what has become the new Republican Party. Odds are the President won’t count on Bill Kristol’s vote in 2020 despite so many achievements. With the success of the Conservative Agenda, the selection of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, the defeat of ISIS, a new Middle East peace plan, Jerusalem acknowledged as the Capital of Israel, the list just goes on seemingly forever. Yet, President Trump has gotten no support from his own party!

In 2016-2017, the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan purposely derailed his signature promise to build the southern border wall. For four years, the mainstream media critiqued his every word, supporting a Democrat Party that has been plotting against him. Their resistance started by creating a coup from the Deep State operatives then focusing on false, made-up, and unsubstantiated impeachment charges.

Despite all of this, the President has blown past all the roadblocks set to destroy him. He has created success from likely failure and destruction. A success which hasn’t been seen in generations — maybe ever! The grassroots citizens who elected him didn’t even come out in force in 2018. This was because the REPUBLICANS running for the House seats didn’t promise to attack the issues their President has promised. They didn’t build a wall, they didn’t repeal and replace Obama Care, and they didn’t support President Trump with in a massive list of other objectives. 

Democrat and RINO Gameplan

The message the Democrats presented to the people of the country was, “We will work with this President.” After assuming control in 2018, the Democrats led the resistance to all things Trump. Everything they did lead up to the impeachment farce. They reluctantly had to agree in 2019 to replace NAFTA with USMCA. This was a significant achievement for the country, but a grandiose victory for President Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) then tried to take credit for it. President Trump successfully fought back this and every other battle with which Pelosi and the Democrats came at him. Democrats never wanted to assist the President. That was a lie to the American people and their constituents.

As we now move into the next election cycle four years later it will be interesting to see if Bill Kristol and the rest of the RINO establishment will still refuse to support Donald Trump. Not sure if they realize it or not, but THIS REPUBLICAN PARTY doesn’t support globalism, endless wars, unfair trade agreements, or climate policies that will bankrupt the US. We put America and Americans first. We are not about losing our jobs by sending them overseas or by importing cheap labor.

People like Bill Kristol and Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT) are blocking REAL Americans who built this country.

Can you see what is happening? People like Bill Kristol and Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT) are blocking REAL Americans who built this country.  It is why the Koch Brothers didn’t support Trump candidates in 2018. In fact, there is very little difference between the interests of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (D-NY), Romney, and the Koch brothers. Globalism is at the forefront of their agenda. 

Globalization of America = Destruction of America

What is happening is hundreds of high paying technology sector jobs are either going overseas to India or to H1b Visas holder coming here. American workers are forced to train their foreign replacements, who come in at half the price. This practice is not new – The Disney Company laid off its entire technical department in 2015, imported all of the H1B Visa workers here to the US, and told the employees to train their replacements. As an IT executive, it has happened to ME! I was unemployed an entire year and almost lost my home.

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The old Republican Party built itself on a party of business and they lost many followers. President Trump has brought them back by promising policies and efforts which put America first. Trump is even winning Union families who look at Medicare for all as an erosion of their hard-won negotiations and trading health care for wages. This is why the coalition of Trump Republicans is so strong. It also explains why it is so strongly represented by grassroots, bipartisan, multiracial, multigenerational Americans!  Unfortunately, I do not believe the Republican Party has gotten the message. They continue to ignore grassroots candidates who can win and turn districts around. More importantly, it is these candidates who will excite the base and bring victory in House races to win back the majority there and maintain the majority in the Senate.

Have you wondered why?   

The Republican Party has yet to learn their lesson. Romney is a shining example. A Republican in Name Only (RINO), he voted for impeachment. He was the only Republican to do so and aligned himself with all the Democrats. The reason is his goal of being a Globalist alternative candidate. This is not who America or President Trump needs. We all need a Congressional army behind the president in 2020. 

Candidates to Support

South Carolina House Seat (SC01)

Chris Cox is running a campaign for the South Carolina seat (SC01) held by Democrat Joe Cunningham. There should be 100% support for him. He is one of Trump’s BIGGEST supporters in the 2016 campaign. My source told me Mark Meadows (R-NC), a leader in the House doesn’t want Cox to win the primary. Meadows and the Republican establishment aren’t providing any funds for Cox’ campaign. Hey Republicans: that $26 Million the Republican Party fundraised in a single day from you during the impeachment…that MONEY IS NOT FOR YOU! Saying to Chris Cox, “We would like to support someone else, Chris…”

Florida House Seat (FL20)

In Florida Greg Musselwhite, is a Republican candidate running for the seat (FL20) perennial Democrat Alcee Hastings has held for 20 years! It’s unfortunate Rep. Hastings is dying of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Yet Palm Beach County Republicans refuse to rally behind Musselwhite, a Blue Collar Trump supporter. There is no money for him either! This is a clear win for the Republicans. Hastings was a vulnerable candidate before his cancer diagnosis. Because of that devastating news, he may not survive to election day. It is incredible the Republican Party in Palm Beach County hasn’t done anything to help. Ask Greg and he will tell you the local offices will not even invite him to speak! What is going on?

New York House Seat (NY14)

John Cummings is the leading candidate against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) in seat NY14. Cummings has out-fundraised, outworked, and is clearly the best candidate. Yet, the Washington Times told him they weren’t interested in interviewing him. At the same time, they have gone out of their way to interview a diversity candidate Scherie Murray who claims to be a Republican. Why she is still in the race at all is a question mark! Yes, she has more interviews than him by 5 to 1.

She might claim an R after her name but, she voted for Obama twice. Not only did she vote for him, she was a “staunch Obama supporter.” Murray then congratulated AOC on her win in 2018. The New York Daily News quoted Murray who tweeted AOC after her victory, “Congratulations Alexandria, #Queens is headed in a new direction and It’s time for new leadership.” Subsequently, Murray’s consulting firm dropped her. She has not gotten a single endorsement from the Queens or Bronx Republican Parties, nor the Conservative party. She has no platform other than anti-AOC. Like AOC, she has never lived in the district.

Cummings, on the other hand, was born, raised, works, and still lives in District 14! He is a retired NYC Police Officer injured in the line of duty. As a second career, he is a teacher. Yes, he teaches Civics to low-income kids in the same neighborhood he grew up in. John out-fundraised her last quarter by 3 to 1. Yet at CPAC, the Washington Times interviewed her. They told John they weren’t interested in talking to him! You might be asking how I know this and who might have told me. Well, I witnessed it first hand!

Real Republicans Need to Step Up and Reclaim the Party

Republicans need to win, but they also need to provide President Trump with the best chances to enact his America First Agenda. It has become obvious neither the RNC nor the Republican establishment want that. They like their globalist agendas and they will promote candidates who may look like they can win but can’t. They may wait out the Trump years and the greatest revolution we have ever seen. Having been at CPAC 2020, I know this is not what the people want!

The Party can’t wait for another election. This has to happen now. The choice is clear. Voters HAVE to wake them up because #2020ISOURS!

Frank D'Onofrio
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