Has Anyone Read The Tweets from Eric Carmen?

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If you are a supporter of President Trump and have been watching the Twitter feeds, one name that may have gone unnoticed lately is Eric Carmen. He may not be a household word in entertainment today, but anyone who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s could not have lived without hearing his beautiful melodic voice. First it was with the group The Raspberries, which was followed by his solo career.    

Carmen is a Hall of Fame Legend

Carmen is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and the Conservative agenda. He is one of the more thoughtful Trump followers on Twitter. He takes his time commenting on Trump’s successes as well as apparent flaws in the Democrat agenda. His tweets against Democrat oppression are biting and accurate in any form of social media. I find myself waiting around for his next tweet because they are not only spot on, but they uncover flaws that I might have missed. Many of my Twitter friends have come through my support for President Trump. Then one day I noticed Carmen “followed” me on Twitter. I was flattered and proud, to say the least!. Occasionally, I get the “Liked” on my post, or in rare cases, he has responded to one of my tweets. I am honored each time.

What you might not know, if you are not a fan of rock and roll music, is that the name Eric Carmen carries with it a Rock and Roll pedigree of immense proportions. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – a high distinction, to say the least! After The Raspberries, Carmen went on to a fantastic and memorable solo career. To those of us growing up during that time frame would consider Carmen music royalty.   \Anyone who grew up as a teenager in the 1970’s and 1980’s could not help but be moved not only by his lyrics, but his beautiful melodic tenor voice. His technique from a musician’s perspective (I am a classically trained singer), is almost perfect.  His voice grabs you, but does not let you go.

The 1970s Music Scene

In 1975, I was like most New York teenagers who were part of the urban jungle scene. I wasn’t old enough to drive, but old enough to stay out most of the days with my friends. This is something which doesn’t have such a distinction today. Teens spent time listening to music every summer day. I grew up in the sweltering heat of the Bronx in New York City. There, I listened to the Rock and Roll Sounds of WABC. It was the best contemporary radio station of the time. I would listen exclusively to the best DJs like Harry Harrison and Dan Ingraham. 

FM radio was on the rise, but if you wanted the best mix of the popular Rock and Roll format, you had your radio tuned into 77 WABC. This station is now strictly a talk radio format. We would continue listening to WABS at night when they transitioned to broadcasting Yankees baseball games. During the day we listened to music. WABC is also the radio station that introduced us to the irascible Don Imus. 

In 1975, people carried these almost 10-15 pound rocks called boom boxes. Many carried these giant radios on their shoulders everywhere they went. The music would be blaring and they might be dancing along. Many would have the volume turned up so loud, you could hear it a block – sometimes two blocks away. In my neighborhood, your stature came from how big your boom box was. Some people carried a radio the size of a living room couch on their shoulders. They might have their ear pressed against the speaker as if it were on the lowest level. 

The Song that Touched my Soul

In 1975, Eric Carmen influenced my life for the first time. His first solo hit was a song called “All By Myself.” This was a ballad, which while haunting was very significant in my life. Rock and Roll music had grown up from the bubble gum songs to songs that relayed a message. In that era, not only was a catchy melody important, the words were equally if not more important.  The melody may have sold us, but it was the words that became the reason we stayed to listen to it time after time.

“All by Myself” was a slow ballad which spoke to me in ways that even today, I am haunted by its effects. Carmen’s song started with a slow beating piano chord eerily similar to a heartbeat. It seemed to introduce a lonely voice from outside. The chord beats were warning us about the story that was about to unfold. This song did not come and hit you at first, Carmen laid a foundation first. Lyrically, however, it was like getting hit with a sledgehammer.

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Sinatra would call these saloon songs, but this was the Rock and Roll Era and Sinatra was on our parents’ play list, not ours. Carmen’s song, however, was as close to a saloon song as one could get in the era of Rock and Roll. The crescendo later, and then the chorus were reminders of the excess that life could be. They served as warnings to all of us about staying clear of giving up on love.

“All by Myself” Stuck with Me

Later on in my life, it was this song I could point to as something that resonated deep inside of me. When I went through my divorce some 20 years later, I could almost hear those haunting words make me think twice about ending my bad relationship

When I was young, I never needed anyone.  and making love was just for fun… Those days are gone

I still remember what those words meant. One would never think that 17 words could hit a 14-15 year old hard.  Those words did. I am lucky because I later found and married the love of my life. She put perspective on those words for me. By heeding the warning Carmen conveyed through his lyrics, I learned what true love was about. Those lyrics made as much sense then as they do now:  Do not take real love for granted.

Not only did that song affect me, his other hits “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again,” and the cult movie classic from Dirty DancingHungry Eyes” also influenced me. Neither were as hard-hitting and intense like “All By Myself.”

MAGA Carmen

When I found an Eric Carmen on Twitter speaking out for Donald Trump in favorable terms, I took a moment to ask the question – was this the same Eric Carmen? Was this the same singer that influenced my life so many years ago. I was surprised because so many members of the entertainment industry are so outspokenly liberal they make my skin crawl. I can take honest opinions, but it just seems that the Left is filled with overtly self-righteous people who have no clue what it is like to live in the real world.

Most Celebrities are Out of Touch

Sometimes I ask myself who are these famous people? I am talking about those who will be gracing the red carpet at the Academy Awards and the Grammys. These people are treated with gift bags worth hundreds of thousands. Most “stars” assemble together to congratulate each other every year. They don’t live in the real world. They are so distant from our realities, yet they show just how distant they are by acting self-absorbed.

Do these celebrities REALLY like giving away money they earn to people who do not want to work hard? I don’t mind helping people, and I do, very often in fact. I just resent those who want to spend my money and then not put in a dime of their own. They have accountants and others who help them shelter their money. We regular folks, on the other hand, may have our cousin Jeff who is an accountant who helps us with our tax returns. Our lives are just not the same. I can’t wait for celebrities to realize if Bernie is elected, he is going to confiscate all they earned because they make too much. Maybe they think they will be immune because they are famous. That will not be their reality in Bernie’s America!

Carmen is One of Us

I read tweets from Eric Carmen and I have a renewed appreciation for him. He doesn’t preach, instead, he tells the truth. Others who seem to disagree with him are not put down. They are greeted with facts, which most Liberals seem to hate. His tweets expose lawlessness and the great job President Trump is doing.  Carmen doesn’t tell anyone they are dumb for not agreeing with him.

He takes a softer approach and shows them in real terms what the effects are to real people. Carmen responds to real people and even though he has been Blue Checkmark verified, he doesn’t ignore people. In fact, he talks to them — even those with whom he disagrees. When I found him following me, I was honored. Then when he liked one of my tweets, I was overwhelmed. It was when he responded to my words, that I found I had to acknowledge him for doing so.

Take a look at Carmen’s tweets when you get a moment. Realize you are hearing from a thoughtful man. Anyone who could write lyrics or sing those songs in such a convincing way, MUST be thoughtful.  He grew up in Cleveland, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While I do not know him personally, he speaks to me. First it was through his songs and now in his tweets.

Your Works and Tweets Are Appreciated

Thanks, Eric for acknowledging my tweets as well as others like me. Thanks for saying things I would like to say. Keep it up because America needs more patriots like you – people who stand up for the ordinary guy. People who allow people their opinions, and do not pop off when they disagree with you. People like you Eric let us have our beliefs and don’t make us feel silly.  You allow yourself to fit in with ordinary people, like the ones President Trump highlighted in his State of the Union address. Carmen is an American who gets it. Like most Trump supporters, he is just one of us. 

Thank You, Eric. First for your influence on my life and your impact on others like me, who grew up with you. Keep on Tweeting.

Frank D'Onofrio
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