Celebrity Opinions – They Trash Trump and Us Again!

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Same Old Same Old…Nobody Cares

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Sunday, the world once again received their annual spanking from pampered celebrities. They feel it is their moral imperative to tell the world that the United States of America is a horrible racist country which has plundered the world. Telling us, “The ordinary people” of the USA, (their largest and most profitable customers) that we are polluting the world. Claiming that the people of the United States do not care about the world around us (remind me how much we don’t care after the next major catastrophe).

Our Capitalist culture is exploitative, and we should be socialists (let me know your relationship with Harvey Weinstein, before you call anyone exploitative). They are clear that we should support candidates like Bernie Sanders, give up our guns, stop driving our cars, live in smaller homes, stop our use of carbon fuels. I get it maybe we should live in caves, eat vegetables, and stop using toilet paper too!  However, please go to the movies!

The Oscars – Pampered, Self-Serving Celebrities Insult their Customers

Ricky Gervais warned these pampered celebrities to stop ignoring the same people who are their customers. They have problems with all of us – especially our guns and values. They complain monotonously that guns are killing people at record numbers every day. Yet they say nothing about killing babies in the womb. Obviously. THOSE murders are perfectly fine.

They wail that we must limit our food choices, removing meat and dairy from our diets. After all, we must save the cows and reduce global warming! If we don’t change our habits. then the world will end in 12 (now 10) years. We MUST DO IT NOW, the Planet is at stake!

These same celebrities eat foods prepared by personal chefs, and eat whatever THEY want. They drive whatever they want and live in large homes, down the road from large homeless populations they ignore. They chastise ordinary people to live a Vegan lifestyle to save the planet. Tell us to stop drinking milk, and eating milk products, because we are exploiting the cows. Meanwhile, they do as they please. 

Celebrities and Oscar-winners like Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert
DeNiro, and the list goes on… make it very clear that they are embarrassed. Embarrassed by the fact that Americans elected Donald Trump their President. They are especially embarrassed by President Trump and his “stupid” followers (that would be us). Many of the same people that buy the tickets with which line their pockets.

Celebrities and the Hypocrisy of What ‘THEY’ Believe to be True

Pampered celebrities live in a bubble. If they really cared about others
they would realize that they are currently receiving funding and paychecks from China. Yes, China is the largest investor in Hollywood today. The same communist country that cares nothing about human rights. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist there.

I doubt the Chinese Government would even allow their citizens to see “To
Live and Die in LA“, the film Brad Pitt won best Supporting actor for at the
Oscars (Oh and Brad, –  the Whistleblower of the Coronavirus was found dead last week – in a suspicious manner). This same Chinese government pays their salaries, does not give their own citizens a decent living wage. I doubt many Chinese citizens could ever afford to buy a ticket to any movie Pitt stars in. If they would be allowed to see it, that is.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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People in China live in a country where pollution is the leading
cause of death! While China contributes more pollution than the US and Europe combined, their country refuses to include any reduction plan. Yet these pampered celebrities call upon us to change! WE must change, or the world will end in ten years.

China uses more coal than any other industrialized nation, its skies are polluted with soot. How dare the United States people, the Celebrity’s primary customers, continue to heat, cool, and electrify our homes? They want to limit the people of the United States without limiting their excesses. They will never call out other countries for excesses.

PS: US CO2 Levels Have Gone DOWN in the Last 10 Years – NOT UP!

Remember, the people of China do not have guns rights. They are under the thumb of a totalitarian regime, with no rights for their citizenry. The same Chinese government is cracking down on the freedoms of the people of Hong Kong, Tibetans, and Christians. A classic example of what happens to freedoms after guns are banned.

People in poor cities and counties in America do not get proper education. What have they done to help them achieve a better life, right? Have Celebrities worked to get the corruption out of these Democrat run cities? Have they looked to see why children aren’t getting a proper education? LA used to have some of the best schools – even in poor neighborhoods. – NOT ANY MORE! They moved those funds to pay for illegals to get a free college education!

One wonders, have these celebrities experienced what ordinary people do, in ensuring their kids get a quality education?  It is doubtful! Pampered celebrities fly their private jets around the world, telling you how to live your life. They will never live in the world of ordinary people. They may not carry guns, but it is guaranteed their accompanying bodyguards do.

I don’t think either Joaquin Phoenix or Brad Pitt have ever been to the inner cities of Baltimore or Chicago. It is clear that their children have not been there either. They don’t send their children to the same schools as ordinary people. When these pampered celebrity’s kids don’t make it – they pay bribes so that their children can get into the college our children couldn’t.   

These people want you to believe that they care. Do you think they have taken their millions and have limited their lifestyles? Do they live in a home with less than 1,500 square feet, or drink the same tap water like ordinary people? Have they donated any of their millions to house a homeless vet?

How about have they visited the tent cities not far from their homes? Do they work to get people off the streets? Yet Joaquin Phoenix drones about how cows are mistreated for their milk… COWS! You are kidding me.

How Is That Trump-Hating WOKE Party (Oscars) Working for You?

The Oscars are now a joke. They use their self-aggrandizing, WOKE Trump-hating show to blast and chastise Americans. This is not working.  The Celebrity class spent 3 hours at Sunday’s Oscars, disrespecting Trump supporters. Many of them are their customers.

So many members of the entertainment industry are so outspokenly liberal, it makes my skin crawl. Any wonder why only 23 Million viewers watched? In 5 years, they lost 20 Million viewers. They dropped Kevin Hart and others from participating for some WOKE Trump-hating reason. I don’t think it’s working any more.

Robert DeNiro is the epitome of superior celebrity self-accomplishment. 
He curses our President, seemingly knowing his secret motives as if he lives
with him. FYI, DeNiro never graduated from high school. I’d like to know
what specialized knowledge he obtained? Yet he acts like he has a Ph.D. in mind reading.

Jennifer Lawrence also did not graduate from High School. She claimed she
was going to take a year off from acting “to fix our Democracy”.  I am not
sure anyone told Ms. Lawrence that the United States of America is a
Constitutional Republic. Go back to acting, Jennifer!  We have a great
country without your input.

Self-absorbed Alyssa Milano believes it is legitimate to stalk a
Supreme Court Nominee (Justice Kavanaugh), just because he supports Life and she doesn’t. She really believes that his beliefs do not matter – because he is a man!  Then pushed lies about him and impugned his credibility without any supporting facts! A year later she bragged to the world in an interview how her life was so much better because she could murder the child in her womb. 

She tried to change the minds of Georgia citizens and lobbied the Governor against the State abortion bill. (while on a filming assignment) The governor told her to go home – she was not a resident.

Celebrities seem to have no clue about living in the real world. Let’s not
forget Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg hosts of The View, who seem to think America cares about their political beleifs. I for one have had enough.

I can take honest opinions, but it just seems that the left is filled with
overtly self-righteous doltes. These people know little about what they are
speaking about. They blame President Trump for everything wrong in the world. Never acknowledging that the worse run districts, cities and states are run by democrats! Brad Pitt couldn’t help but complain that John Bolton  was not called to testify, He never questioned why we only heard testimony from the Democrats. Pitt never acknowledged any evidence to prove a crime. Obviously, Trump is the problem, and getting rid of him will solve America’s problems.

Phoenix, Pitt and others like him have no clue what it is like to live in the real world. All they seem to care about is tearing down the fabric of humanity around them, just like most democrats. They spew hatred for us, and then they attempt to tell us why we should hate President Trump. They do this despite evidence to the contrary. They emplore us to hate our country.   It’s as if they are telling the “regular people” –  “I may have made it, BUT, note that this world I live in – is not for people like you!”

Remember Celebrities Are Not Real People – Not Like You or Me

Were any of these people who made money from the regular people who buy their records, watch their films, or read their books, ever “ordinary people”?  Did they ever have to struggle to make a living, or to feed a family? Did they ever have to wonder how they would choose between paying the mortgage and purchasing health insurance?  Did they lose track of their reality so much when they became famous that they had no idea what living an ordinary life felt like?  

These pampered celebrities are  given expensive SWAG gift bags for attending these shows. The contents worth thousands in free merchandise – ($225,000 this year). There is one main purpose for the whole thing. Assembling together to congratulate themselves, every year.

It is presumptuous to think we don’t care about the world around us while they live and feed off us! Have any of these celebrities found their jobs disappearing and shipped to other countries? Have they recently had to
scramble for a job, only to find that someone less qualified got the job
because they fit some HR profile? Unlikely.

Seriously, these people don’t live in the real world. They are so distant
from us, they show us every year why.  When they speak, they show their disdain for us, and how distant and self-absorbed they are. Where are the John Wayne’s and Charlton Heston’s when you need them!


Frank D'Onofrio
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