New Mexico Implements Gun Confiscation

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Sleight of Hand: What Didn’t Happen in Virginia…

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Sometimes when we are watching one thing happening, another happens before our eyes, and we are oblivious to it. This is exactly the case with gun confiscation. While distracted by the struggle and then the Virginia legislative victory to not enact confiscation and gun control legislation, the state of New Mexico had entered into full confiscation mode.

New Mexico’s Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a Red Flag Bill Tuesday that will allow the state district courts to order citizens to surrender their firearms “temporarily.” Sheriff’s Association President Tony Mace has made it clear that the Sheriff’s Association is not in agreement with the governor. This has started an uproar in the state, with the Governor admonishing dissenting county sheriffs and demanding that they resign if they choose not to enforce the law. “If they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community,” said the New Mexico Governor.

The Sheriff’s Association believes that confiscating guns before any crime has been committed by a citizen is going over the line. Tony Mace has commented: “We don’t work for the governor, we don’t work for the legislature,” he said. “We work for the people that elected us into office.” This sets up a very large stand by citizens against the governor because Democrats have moved the marker. No longer is their stand to remove some guns, they are making a stand to remove all guns from law-abiding citizens. 

Both George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have devised a plan to infiltrate state legislatures and implement gun control from the state level. This is what happened in Virginia, and their efforts failed. But while the spotlight was on the Virginia legislature, New Mexico fell under the radar, and now a law to red-flag and confiscate guns has gone into effect, with the Governor of New Mexico standing firm.

The Removal of Due Process

New Mexico’s Red Flag legislation allows police and the Sheriff’s deputies to petition the court. The petition will require individuals to surrender their arms within 48 hours. This puts authorities in a position that they can be held liable for officers who fail to enforce the law. What makes this especially disruptive is that petitions can be sworn affidavits filed by relatives, employers or school administrators. 

Understandably, the requirement – like most Democrat policies – sounds reasonable. But this law, like most others, removes due process from the equation. Now anyone who does not want an individual to own any kind of firearm can disarm a law-abiding citizen, denying them their right to defend themselves. 

New Mexico is a Sanctuary State, and removing arms from individuals from rural areas is unsafe. This could leave citizens defenseless when their cattle, belongings or the safety of their families is at stake. The governor doesn’t see any problems with this legislation and has told District Attorneys that they must enforce the law as written. 

Constitutional Loop Holes

The second amendment right to keep and bear arms is granted by the Constitution of the United States. While the Constitution specifically states that congress cannot pass a law, it does not automatically provide the same protections if the states enact their own legislation. This is going to be a hotbed of controversy, and Mayor Bloomberg has already shown his cards. 

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Democrats accuse Donald Trump of acting like a dictator. Donald Trump has painstakingly worked for the American people. Despite what the Mainstream Media tells you, President Trump is making sure that individual rights are maintained. His appointment of federal judges plainly shows that as a fact. 

Nothing in his Trump’s three years as president has been as egregious as this Democrat power grab in New Mexico. Yet some people buy the rhetoric, and just did’t see it coming. The people are clearly making a choice, trading the illusion of safety for liberty.  Unfortunately, history has told us that this doesn’t turn out too well for the citizen. We will see how it ends.

Frank D'Onofrio
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