A Letter to My US Senator

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This letter is addressed to both Maryland Democratic Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin. Feel free to copy and paste and send it to your Senator. You can take the word intend out, and send it to your senator too. It would be nice if we could get a few hundred to Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT)!

SUBJECT: I am Embarrassed YOU are my Senator

Dear Senator Van Hollen,

As my US Senator, I am embarrassed at your intent to vote to Impeach President Donald Trump this afternoon. Your role as a US Senator is to represent the interests of the people of Maryland!

Your vote should NOT be based upon your standing in the Democrat Party. As the former leader of the DNC, your position is pretty clear. You are attempting to hobble the Republican Party. Donald Trump was duly elected as our 45th President. Despite your wish to the contrary, he fairly won the 2016 election!

Your vote to impeach President Trump was based purely on your partisan disagreement with his legitimacy and nothing else. It was certainly not based on any fact. It was most certainly not based on the rule of law. 

The House of Representatives Managers Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler stated they proved their case in the conviction of President Trump. I believe NOT! Actually, their Articles of Impeachment are a disgrace to the rule of law. These individuals should be disbarred based on their unethical behavior. Even more egregious, they presented items as facts that are not based upon any legitimate evidence.  

My being upset with you Senator is based on three reasons. 1. The President was never afforded his Constitutional 4th Amendment right to due process. 2. The charges the Democrats levied in the Articles of Impeachment are baseless and devoid of factual support. 3. The articles of Impeachment are an attempt to prevent President Trump from executing his constitutional authority. 

Here is an analysis of THE FACTS (which you care to ignore).

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1. President Trump was never given his 4th Amendment right to Due Process:

This case of impeachment was a railroad job that proved a one-sided case. The President was not allowed to defend himself or to present witnesses in the House hearings. Representatives Schiff and Nadler presented their case WITHOUT providing President Trump his 4th Amendment right of due process for the following reasons: 1. Trump was not allowed to confront his accuser, whom we all believe the Whistleblower to be Eric Ciaramella, 2. Trump was not allowed to provide rebuttal witnesses that could counter the hearsay arguments in the House of Representatives, and 3. There was no overall presumption of innocence as Manager Nadler stated, “Only guilty people try to hide evidence.”

Not a single Democratic Senator or Representative ever afforded the President his right of presumption of innocence – including you. My question Senator is WHY wasn’t the Whistleblower allowed to testify? Why did the House of Representatives ONLY provide witnesses that would present 2nd hand information? Why was not a single 1st hand witness produced to prove guilt? Don’t just tell me they weren’t allowed. If that is the case, show me the subpoenas that were ignored. I, however, know there aren’t any! Why were there no factual 1st hand conversations or proof? The transcript proved nothing untoward was said. Hearsay, Senator, is not allowed as evidence and is not enough to convict. Contrary to the claims of Democrats in the House of Representatives, hearsay is not allowed to be treated as fact in a court of law! Why did you consider as “evidence” that which the House of Representatives presented to you as facts? This “evidence” should have been thrown out as garbage!

You and the entire Democratic Party voted merely on what you ASSUME was President Trump’s motive. That is not how our laws are written. Please tell me what basis of fact you made your decision upon!

2. The Charges Presented are Baseless:

The Charge of Obstructing Congress

The House of Representatives did not take the time to present their requests for witnesses to appear before them. There are three branches of government for a reason. They provide checks and balances with one another. Therefore, the President’s claim of executive privilege is every bit as justified as congress’s claim of oversight! We live in a Constitutional Republic. The claim of oversight was never presented to the judicial branch. Charging President Trump on that basis has no standing until the courts have weighed in. If the courts had agreed with the House of Representatives, then they could have brought this forward as a valid charge. However, voting to convict him on the charges as they are today is wrong, baseless and disgusting! House Managers Schiff and Nadler created a charge that could not ever be proven.

President Trump allowed the Muller investigation to occur without impediment. He provided hundreds of documents to the Mueller team and no obstruction of justice could be found. If anything, the entire Mueller investigation was based upon the fruit of the poisoned tree. There was no reason to start it in the first place. No law was ever broken and to spend the millions on it is an affront. Any “obstruction” was based upon valid objections to an investigation which should never have started in the first place! It follows Stalin’s statement, “Show me the man, and I will find you the crime!”

The Charge of Abuse of Power

Joe Biden and his son committed a crime. The President asked the Ukrainian President to look into that. No matter how you look at it, there was no law broken. What were the reasons the Whistleblower raised his complaint against the President? What was the relationship between the Whistleblower and Adam Schiff. Is he or was he really dating Schiff’s daughter? These answers provide facts which are important. The President has done nothing wrong. If there were not partisan moles in the Oval Office who have been parsing every word President Trump utters, we would not be here. But please, I ask you, show me the law President Trump had broken. You can’t come up with any. Asking a foreign leader to investigate a CRIME that took place is not a crime. 

3. President Obama actually committed many high crimes and much more egregious offenses:

If you would like me to show you some of the many impeachable offenses that should have taken down President Barack Obama, let me show some ACTUAL abuses of power that occurred under President Obama.

  • “Tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility on missiles after I am re-elected.”
  • Attorney General Eric Holder was in contempt of Congress for not  submitting documents related to Fast and Furious which proved the government was complicit
  • Using the IRS to target Republican donors
  • Utilizing the Justice Department to investigate and spy on conservative journalists (Sheryl Atkinson)
  • Using executive order to enact DACA, which should have been congressional legislation

This is why I am working hard to get you voted out of office in the next election!

Senator, your vote to impeach is wrong. You do not represent me as a Citizen of Maryland. Your constituents would like you to do your job. How about starting with these: improve education, bring down the price of insulin and other prescription drugs, improve infrastructure, and prevent foreigners from taking American jobs from citizens. 

It appears you voted to stop the GREAT American Expansion. Your vote was to stop our country from producing our own energy, restrict guns and destroy the 2nd Amendment, to murder innocent babies in the womb, to stop protecting our citizens overseas, and to raise taxes. 

I am disgusted with your representation. I promise I will work hard to make sure you are no longer a senator when you come up for re-election.


Frank D’Onofrio

Conowingo, MD

Frank D'Onofrio
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