Is Brexit Really a Brexit?

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Brexit is apparently here!

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The arrival of Brexit leaves many questions. Included in them is whether the UK’s action will create an independent UK. It is, however, possible the UK will forever be chained to the EU despite the signed agreement. Implementation of this continental shift is on its way. The question is how long this process will take and if it will ever fully arrive! 

Boris Johnson has taken the final step in pushing Britain towards freedom from the European Union. According to the BBC, leaders of the European Commission and council signed the Withdrawal Agreement deal, in preparation for the UK’s January 31st exit from the EU. What is left to be seen is how free that freedom will really be. What remains to be seen is if this move will restore the United Kingdom’s full sovereignty or if it will just restore the UK in name only. Taking a look at some of the agreements made between the parties could help clarify what is possible.

Withdrawal Agreement Stipulations

According to the BBC, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill regulates the authority that the European Court of Justice will play in British affairs. The Agreement states this Court will still play a role in the UK. This portion of the agreement gives pause because it doesn’t seem a nation can really be sovereign if a foreign entity has any legal authority over it. One way to visualize this is comparing it to the United Nations attempts to exercise its power and authority over the US legal, immigration and political systems.

Another portion of the agreement creates an Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA) to handle complaints from EU citizens in the UK. The IMA will also respond to any unfair treatment said citizens might experience at the hands of the UK. That sounds as though the EU would still have a hand in regulating the UK’s affairs and social systems. A broader question for the UK and its citizens is who will form the so-called IMA and how much authority will the UK government allow it to maintain. 

Will the EU Still Decide the UK’s Immigration Policy?

What’s more, unaccompanied child refugees, may still be allowed into the country if they have relatives already there. This is an issue still to be decided based on the government minister’s statement. The UK must keep in mind some immigrants crossing the US southern border claiming to be “children” have been found to be adults. The UK must create measures to protect their borders and enforceable migrant entry regulations. They also must ensure foreign governments or the greater EU aren’t deciding their national policy on immigration.

Can the Chancellor Put the UK First in Business?

Questions have been raised regarding business dealings and trade between the EU and the UK. The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid noted at the World Economic Forum of the possibility that businesses would take steps that would benefit the UK and not the greater EU. As the UK government’s chief financial minister, this comment created a level of concern within the EU, but it was important for UK businesses to hear support from their government.

Trade deals work most effectively when there is a level of (gasp) quid pro quo integrated into the agreements.

Papers signed or not there will still be efforts needed between nations. If EU countries like France insist on working together in business and trade with the UK, some decisions made may not result in a UK first strategy. This would cause Brexit to be less effective. Trade deals work most effectively when there is a level of (gasp) quid pro quo integrated into the agreements.

The US Must Help Britain!

The realization that business ties and supply chains might not remain intact had been a source of concern for Britain’s industrial sector. It remains to be seen whether the UK industry is ready for Brexit and how they’ll react with their newfound “freedom.” Nevertheless, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin noted the potential of a UK-US trade deal. Perhaps that assurance will give the UK and its citizens’ businesses the needed courage they have to embrace the coming changes. 

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What remains to be seen is whether the UK will actually take the stand to ensure that Brexit is fully implemented. It’s also possible the globalist EU hands will still meddle and work to pull it back into its circle of influence if not in word, at least in deed. President Donald Trump’s initiatives and policies and likely UK-US trade deal could make or break the success of Brexit. The anti-globalist world is watching!

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