When Woke Becomes a Joke That No One’s Laughing At

“… in this world you will have trouble…”

John 16:33

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Those are the words of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel of John who addressed his disciples regarding the coming days as documented in the Bible. It also pertains to all who actively follow Christ as their religious leader and call themselves Christians, or more accurately, people of the Way.  There will be trouble in the world. Jesus also said, “If they hate me, they will hate you too.”

Even then is it surprising how this world that hates Jesus so much, goes so far as to demean Him and everything concerning Him? Yes, we are going to peek into the NetFlix Christmas special of Jesus Christ belonging to The Alphabet People. They act like this because of how the Church has treated homosexuality, etc. in the past and how some do to this day but not most. Cryptically they say nothing about muslims, who by-and-large support stonings, throwing gays from roofs, etc. even now.

Gay Revisionism is Woke?

The story of the Netflix Christmas special “The First Temptation of Christ” is when Jesus hits 30, He gets a message from God saying Joseph isn’t His real dad and that He must die. Jesus then meets Orlando and is woke. The gayness then exudes from this movie like pus from an open zit. We all know that Netflix is not the best source for properly-sourced information. Using Netflix as a credible option for anything other than sheer entertainment is foolishness.

Just like that whole Central Park 5 “documentary” or the AOC special “Knock Down The House” which according to Rotten Tomatoes audience score of a horrific 17% approval shows how Netflix is spending your subscription money. That being said, it should come to no surprise when Netflix decides to spend millions to make a gay Jesus Christ movie in time for Christmas, it does more than leave a bad taste in your mouth.  It’s almost as if the Alphabet Mafia wants to be hated or boycotted and more than ever now. People are not buying the victim mentality of the homosexual lobby, since they seem to control everything and are creating the system, allegedly.

To make a movie that disrespects a religious figure out of sheer spite, and which lacks no creative ingenuity, makes this a movie that shows the hand of the Alphabet people as a lobby. Making a movie that rewrites history depicting Jesus to be a flagrant gay man with “daddy issues” because of a revealed identity, is not only theologically asinine but intellectually dishonest. It is also dastardly, underhanded and mean. The producers have an issue or two of their own, apparently.

Begging The Question, Why Christianity?

Now over 1 million Christians have petitioned to have Netflix remove this movie from their line up, and with good reason.  Normally, boycotts are never really feasible and do not produce viable results. With this however, it begs the question, why Jesus and Christianity?  In 2019, statistics show that Christians are in fact the widest known group of people globally that are the MOST persecuted for their beliefs.

This spans any racial group, since many from a myriad of nations adhere to the tenants of the Christian faith.  Most of the persecution happens in the Middle East from Turkey to Iraq and down to the UAE. Even Israel, the “holy land”, tends to have many Jews verbally abusing Christian natives in the area. It happens in Africa and Asia also, to a lesser degree. Reasons for the persecutions aside, the evidence is real and it is happening today.

Another question that is equally compelling: why won’t Netflix make a movie about a gay Muhammed?  It would be just as easy, take Muhammed and some guy named Josef and call it, “Eid in my Barrack” or something. Why won’t Netflix make a movie about a gay Thoth and Isis from Egypt? This again speaks to something we all have seen. 

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This is Political Correctness used as a cudgel to dumb down Christianity while cuddling in bed with Islam. And let’s face it, Islam is not the most fun faith system out there.  Drawing Muhammad puts a “fatwa” on your head. It makes Netflix seem like they are more scared of Islamic backlash and perhaps a few Muslim attacks for depicting Muhammad in a gay movie. Christians won’t attack you physically for smearing their beliefs.

Somehow followers of Jesus Christ, the central figurehead of a global faith system of 2-3 billion people, allow this failing streaming service carte-blanche to make this joke of a film. Of course the Alphabet People would try to blur the lines of propriety and make it about their freedom and “rights”!  It seems like even some in the gay community found this distasteful. Not for the theological or even historical inaccuracies, but because this movie created a stereotype of gay men that some in the community did not appreciate.

The Brazilian comedy troop Porta de Fundo will have to make a movie about a gay Muhammad.  It is only fair if we are talking about equity in this world, and the Alphabet People will have to use the same arguments about rights and representation.  While it is true that a petition was signed, it’s actually time to now push for a gay Muhammad movie and Netflix will need to release it if we are talking about equity.  Gay Jesus on Netflix is out already. Start the process of releasing a movie of homo-Muhammed. It is only fair.

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