Amazing! Leftists Say the Darndest Things!

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Everyone is Working Two Jobs

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One would think that as adults, we would have practiced the art of the filter along with the ability to reason and think before we spout off things from our mouths.  While being emotional beings, we still do have the ability to reason, think, and process via logic and sense, common sense as it were. While some might be smart in terms of the books, others have street smarts or at least reasoning that affords them the ability to navigate life.

These are the people who are getting in the way of your freedom to own a gun to defend yourself.

But what happens when adults past the years of a fully developed frontal cortex abandon all reason and excrete verbal and written… excrement for the public to view and either agree with because they themselves lack the sense or laugh at and mock for all the internet to see?  Here are some of the many things the Internet has revealed about Leftists and we are laughing straight into 2020!

When Donald Trump became President, the economy soared, and unemployment numbers plummeted. We all loved it! There were more jobs, more income opportunities, more innovation, more wins for those who needed work or wanted to improve their work performance. Then, a meth-eyed, bartending activist girl  from the boujie side of the Bronx appeared on the scene. She started making waves that shocked logical thinkers.


We began hearing mentally deranged nonsense from this girl who kept appearing on our television sets. Everything from socialist dogma and cringey social justice jargon to TDS laden rhetoric. For a graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Economics to appear on TV and not know the basics was shocking.  During one of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s television interviews on Firing Line, she was quoted as saying “Unemployment is so low because people are working two jobs.”  Obviously, Lexie from the Bronx does not know how unemployment aggregation numbers work.

Buckle up, because this chick is probably going to appear on multiple occasions. I hope your sanity meter is full because it’s about to drop real quick during this article folks! Remember that “unemployment is down because everyone has two jobs” quote that even Politifact gave the dreaded “pants on fire” rating signifying that she is completely and utterly wrong about unemployment? During that same Firing Line interview, she was asked to give her thoughts on the Israel /Palestine conflict that continues to rear it’s very difficult and nuanced head in our political sphere. 

She stated that there is a humanitarian crisis in Palestine, but, when pressed to simply expound on that, she passed it off and stated that she is not an expert in geo-politics.  Strangely, that was the degree she paid over $50000 for and graduated cum laude with.  It begs the question, what use is a college degree in an area of study that speaks directly to this particular question?  Clearly none!

Snoop and Tupac While in College?

Switching gears from AOC to Kamala Harris. This, hopefully, might be somewhat refreshing. Stay seated because, if you know anything about pop culture, you are aware that Congresswoman Harris is out of touch and a liar. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Harris asserted that she was pro-weed as she smoked and inhaled during her college years. Charlamagne tha’ God and his crew asked what she listens/listened to now and specifically what she listened to in college while she was high. She stated that she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac. 

At first, you would think, “Oh, ok. She seems rather hip and down with the people, as Snoop and ‘Pac are iconic legends in the hip hop game!” You might even consider that this makes her relatable and of the people. It doesn’t! Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986. Snoop and ‘Pac did not start releasing records till the early 1990s, which makes Harris, at best, ignorant, or at worst, a liar. Not a good look for a politician now in the running for the Democrat Presidential candidate. Who cares if she’s black? She knows nothing about the people she claims to represent.

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Ban the Knives!

For International stupidity, we should look to our British counterparts.  There is definitely a reason why Americans should never look at the methods and reasonings of European politicians. Not because they are Euros, per se, although they do tend to love big governments and dual bureaucracies, but because they love stupid ideas that infringe on individual freedoms! 

In the UK, gun violence was reported to be on the rise. Forget for a moment the migrant crisis; the ideological war that is going on between Western democratic thought and Islamic Sharia Law, that is overtaking the UK in droves. Western ideas are losing to Sharia in these ideological clashes. We are seeing rape gangs and more Muslim oriented violence.

Exposing them is considered hate speech, as we saw with the jailing of journalist Tommy Robinson. When London mayor Sadiq Khan banned guns, gun crimes absolutely did decrease. Knife crimes and knife violence increased. What is Khan’s response to the growing trend? Ban knives!  Yet violence continues as more and more areas become Sharia friendly whilst Khan sits back and lets it all continue.

Factually Correct VS. Morally Right

In terms of right and wrong, an idea needs to be right, as in factual, which affords people the opportunity to establish the means that best serve others. If something is factually incorrect, to present it as correct is unhelpful and, in fact, could be dangerous. With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, what matters is if someone is “morally right.” 

That means, sure, data can be off. Numbers can be flubbed. Statistics do not hold much weight because what matters is what is “morally right.” Without correct data, one cannot issue a morality statement, as it is immoral to push an incorrect principle. This was especially true when Anderson Cooper interviewed her on the show 60 Minutes. She said that people focus on being factually right instead of morally right.

Automobiles, Carbon Footprints, and Cow Farts! Oh My!

Carbon footprint legislation seems to be the big craze in the late 2019s.  Everyone is pushing hysterically like Beatlemania, only this is worse. Remember how (according to AOC) we need to be morally right over being factually and semantically correct? Yet again she failed in both arenas. How? Her Green New Deal

It contains horrible, overarching legislative principles that did not do well in the House. From getting rid of bovine emissions, planes, and fuel combustion engines, to retrofitting EVERY building in America. Legislating the notion that everyone willing or unwilling to work will be paid. This coming from the mouth of this young politician who was bartending a little over a year ago! We definitely have had enough of the GND, though it remains a $93 trillion joke!  

Shocking Fantasy From an Irish “Mexican” Wannabe

“One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street.  They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles… This happiness was mine by right.  I had earned it in my dreams. As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two.  I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.” 

From the pen of a young Robert Francis o’ Rourke. The same man who is currently part of the DNC lineup for Presidential picks.  You really want this guy in power? It takes a man with serious delusions of grandeur to imagine himself as President, passing laws and waltzing around America taking purchased guns from law-abiding citizens.

Simultaneously consulting with the SPLC and weaponizing the IRS to remove tax exempt status from every church that refuses marry a gay couple.  Remember the murder fantasy he wrote when he was younger? Yes, this is the guy known, unapologetically, as Beto o’ Rourke.  People applauded loudly when he said that he will take AR-15s away. Let that sink in!


Look at the Kavanaugh nomination scandal. Another Leftist move to demean a system and demoralize Trump and his supporters. A deeply disturbed, mentally absent woman maligned Kavanaugh’s character with a story she concocted from an alleged incident in high school. Enter Congressman Cory Booker. During the hearing, Cory decided that he would become a martyr for the cause of barring Brett Kavanaugh from the SCOTUS seat. 

He declared his intent to release documents which reveal details of Kavanaugh policies regarding racial profiling. Which did not make much sense as the documents had already been released to Congress. What makes this hilarious, which everyone to the right of Michael Moore agrees, is that Booker is no Spartacus, which he declared himself to be in this fiasco.

We Like to Say Peoplekind Here”

When formulating this compilation of dumb things Leftists say, typing in “peoplekind” resulted in a brief spelling error, as no such word should exist. Then the internet caught up and apparently, now “peoplekind” is a legitimate word. It was made popular by the most virtue signalling virtue signaler of all virtue signalers, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

On one of his national “reach out to the people” tours, he had an interaction with a student. The student declared that “Maternal love is the love that will change mankind…” to which the PM responded, “We like to say peoplekind here…” This remark received thunderous applause.  Peoplekind. Let that sink in dear reader. The man forgets that “mankind” is a word that includes everyone of all genders, however, the fact that it contains the word “man” somehow makes it male exclusive.

The “male feminist” definitely let his “feminism” get in the way of logical reasoning. Hence the hilariously ridiculous soundbite, now available for all the world to hear and ponder, “How did this man get to be where he is, failing at leading a nation?”  The girl who was corrected by the PM (and her friends) do not shine any brighter, as they all affirmed Trudeau’s mentally challenged verbiage.

Sperm and Egg are Human

For proof that mental retardation from a news organization exists, look no further than that bastion of Leftist reasoning, The Young Turks Cenk Uygur – named after the Turkish death squads that marched literally millions of Armenians to their deaths during the Armenian Genocide. He and his cohort, co host, Ana Kasparian, attempted to debunk Ben Shapiro’s comments on the DNC debate. 

They made glaring statements, with no sources. This is typical of the way they operate. They make large claims, providing no data nor naming any sources to substantiate their ridiculous stories. All Cenk will tell viewers is to “Google it…” Ignorance and stupidity are found to occupy the space in the cranium of both Cenk and Ana as they said that “sperm and eggs are essentially human.”  Let cancer begin!

Recession Over Trump

What kind of man would prefer an economic downturn, bringing with it harm and detriment to people, more than a continuation of the success of the current President? Bill Maher is that man. He literally said he would welcome a recession if that would cause the President to fail. This man is basically saying, “I don’t care if the rest of you people suffer and keel over, better y’all suffer because Orange Man Bad.” Think we’re lying? Nope.

This is obviously only the tip of the iceberg. There are most definitely hundreds, if not thousands, more soundbites from Leftists all over the world. This is only a simple compilation of the last year and a half or so! All of this is to remind us that these are the people who are trying to stop American excellence.

Leftists Are For Leftists

These are the folks that are attempting to stifle Americans from living life. These are the people who want to do nothing more than grab power, be part of the high life socially, economically, and politically while they smash the rest of us down under their proverbial thumbs. 

These are the ones who can be considered “enemies of the people,” considering the way they continue to obstruct the President’s agenda of serving the people of the United States. As the 2020 election cycle continues, let this serve as a reminder that these people hold Congressional offices, social media platform priority exposure, and legacy media power. These are the people who are getting in the way of your freedom to own a gun to defend yourself.

They don’t want you to pray and live your orthopraxy based on the theology you attest to; they are forcing you to believe their orthodoxy, and vote based on their lies. We will do well to remember that these folks want nothing more than to be in power and rule over us with an iron fist rather than represent and work for  “we, the people”!

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