Candace Owens Calls Out Dems for Narrative Manipulation

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The Conservative Firebrand Educates White Liberals Again

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You knew Candace Owens from the Red Pill Black YouTube channel during her earlier years in the public spotlight when she posted some of the richest, dazzlingly relevant, and hyper-ironic content aimed squarely at Liberals. Then you heard of her as the Turning Point USA communications director and head of the organization’s urban engagement. You’ve seen her on the cable news networks championing the MAGA agenda and the #Blexit movement.

Then you recently learned via Instagram and Twitter that she got married and probably broke the hearts of many single Conservative guys out there. And you can usually catch Candace Owens (a.k.a. Candace Owens Farmer) engaging in civil dialogue on her PragerU show.

What you may not know is her perhaps superhero alter ego as demonstrated during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing about white supremacy when she devastated Democrats for their typical pre-election race baiting. As NRN has previously observed, the Left hates to showcase Candace Owens because of her quick, intellectual, fact-based responses.

Committee Hears Testimony about White Supremacy

We need to set the record completely and totally straight. Do racist individuals exist? Yes. Are there people who espouse white supremacist perspectives?  Yes.

Should they be a topic of a House Oversight hearing? According to Candace Owens, no, at least not necessarily as a top priority, because it’s just another politicized farce and yet another form of media manipulation.

Mrs. Farmer triggers white Liberal savior types by exposing their own racism while they accuse other people of being racist. Candace is the very same woman who can look at rapper T.I. square in the eye and cause him to lose face along with all of his followers who believe every word he spouts. This is the same Candace Owens Farmer who can cause progressives to quiver when she presents stats, data, and perspectives that hold so much punch that it is almost unfair to watch. 

Capitol Hil Farce 2.0

It seems quite clear that the Democrats did not learn their lesson previously. You may recall the last time Candace testified in Congress. California Democrat Ted Lieu attempted to act all statesman-like in an attempt to defame her by playing a video clip out of context and then accuse her of celebrating Germany’s ruthless World War II dictator/genocidal maniac.

The same hearing showed the world how truly dastardly the Democrat Party is when the inept Jerry Nadler shrugged off his own baseless accusations when his misquoted Candace Owens right in front of her.

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That April hearing was just as much of a farce as the one Candace in which testified on September 20. But this time, the Democrats thought they had the upper hand. Candace was on a panel that included Dr. Kathleen Belew, a University of Chicago professor, and Katrina Mulligan, managing director for National Security and International Policy for the Center for American Progress.

Both witnesses probably played it pretty close to the Leftist narrative handbook of lumping Candace with white supremacists. Professor Belew even implied that Candace Owens was somehow linked to the ChristChurch massacre manifesto on March 15. Candace’s basic premise, however, was that a hearing of this nature would be more useful it it focused on important issues such as fatherlessness and lackluster educational opportunities.

While Dr. Belew and her hired ilk tried to smear Candace Owens, she wasn’t having it. “White supremacy and white nationalism ranks nowhere near the top of the issues facing black America…it is an attempt to make the election all about race…,” Candace Owens declared.

Candace Owens Wins Again

As you can see from the video embedded below that will make your day, Candace rhetorically destroyed the Democrats sitting in that committee hearing. Once Dr. Belew ended her mischaracterization, Democrat Chairman Raskin handed it over to GOP Congressman Mark Meadows who noted how the committee stacked the deck against Candace. He yielded his time to her to respond to the false accusation that she supposedly deemed the shooter’s manifesto or anything connected to him or white nationalism in general “hilarious.”

Candace volleyed very real facts and asked for numbers and data to back up the notion that white supremacy is a primary threat to black America. Dr. Belew and Ms. Mulligan apparently could not or would not provide statistics although they were more than willing to passive-aggressively distort the views of Candace Owens.

Congressman Raskin had to intervene, albeit uselessly, but because it impeded on Mr. Meadow’s time. Raskin had to yield the floor as Candace relentlessly refuted the narrative the panelists attempted to propagate.

Candace basically told the Caucasian women that they don’t know a thing about being black nor about the black experience. A little identity politicking, but her point is valid.

As Candace explained succinctly and forcefully: “This hearing, in my opinion is a farce. And it is ironic that you’re sitting and having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are. Do you know what my expertise [is]? Black and American. I’ve been black and American all my life, all 30 years, and I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years ahead of an election cycle, and it needs to stop.”

Watch the entire sequence and draw your own conclusions.

By the way, as you probably watched this video for the millionth time, catch Rep. Jim Jordan’s beaming smile after Candace Owens blasted the Democrats for their phony hearing. It was glorious.

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