MiniAOC and Lexi Rabe in the Era of SJW Shills

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Free to Express

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“… Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…” is the line found written in the First Amendment of the Constitution. It recognizes that individuals are able to basically say what they want, how they want, to whoever they want. It also affords those individuals the understanding that they are responsible for the consequences of what is said. No one can come against that, not even government. 

Normally we understood this and ran with it. It allows an atheist to exercise their non-belief in a higher divine being. It allows a Christian to express their faith in the public sector freely. It affords a Muslim to state their Quranic beliefs and not be denied legal rights to do so in the public square. This includes mockery, disgusting rhetoric, and foul language. Legally, via the US Supreme Court, “hate speech” is still speech as it is distasteful – but is still legal.

Normalcy and decency used to be how we governed ourselves as a society, and certain sectors of the population were off limits. We don’t target children, we don’t abuse and bully the elderly, and we don’t make fun of the handicapped. But when a small section of the culture completely abandons social propriety and begins targeting children to bully, what happens? In this story, it instills fear and steals joy and humor from the world.

The Digital Public Square

So when we look at our digital public squares, we have another subset of platforms that affords people to say what they want to say and do what they want to do and express how they want to express themselves. YouTube allows people the creation of characters and personas without revealing their faces as they develop monikers. It is how Lauren Chen of BlazeTV got her start as Roaming Millennial where her channel started off with voice overs and PowerPoint slides as she discussed political/cultural issues. The online forums and this new digital public platform portion of our culture also developed a whole new set of issues furthering a whole new set of problems.

There have been more reports of online bullying but this was between teenagers. And yet, what happens when adults enter the foray and begin tactics that bully, not other adults, but children? We’ve seen it when adults bullied seven year old Lexi Rabe of Avengers: Endgame fame when she was hounded and bullied by social justice warriors for being considered the role of a not even remotely fleshed out “Ironheart” character in later chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She posted a short video asking for her and her family to be left alone and that is simply just a child actress with no control at all and not even diving into the political/cultural debate.

MiniAOC/Ava Martinez

So what happens when a nine year old girl, by her own choice, decides to enter the political/cultural conversation and decides to mock prominent players with humor, wit, and skill? Well, the general public loves it. Ava Martinez who made a sheer mockery of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by imitating her from lipstick to glasses to even the quintessential ponytail or bun and would mimic AOCs behaviors from posing for the camera as she shed tears. The same way Ocasio-Cortez did in her stunt about the detention centers holding illegal aliens. Ava did it way better. Ava also would post videos of her saying everything AOC would say and the content is beyond comedic gold. Everyone knew this gem as “miniAOC” and it garnered her 81,000 Twitter followers.

No Holds Barred

But if you decide to make fun of your favorite, you will receive backlash. The Brie Larson bots did with everyone who tweeted their disdain for Captain Marvel. The Carlos Maza bots all hound Steven Crowder Twitter supporters. It is safe to assume that the online crowd are a bit more sensitive with what they like, but when you receive death threats and get doxed, that’s a step in the wrong direction for society. But equally shocking is when adults dox and make death threats to a nine year old girl and call her “fair game” as they target Martinez and her family, that goes to show how far the Left has gone. It came to a shock that the Twitter account of “miniAOC” was closed down due to Ava receiving death threats and her getting doxed by AOC supporters. Her parents fearing for her safety decided on July 3rd to shut down all social media related to miniAOC.

Radio Silence

The obvious fact here is the glaring hypocrisy. Accounts would be immediately banned if a Conservative were to ever push a death threat and dox Carlos Maza or a Leftist activist journo and flood Twitter with that rhetoric, instant suspension of account and probably legal recourse. A nine year old girl mocks a politician and her supporters target the child with death threats, and yet we have yet to receive word that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has not responded to the incident. And in the day when politicians are calling for the federal prosecution of people who mock Congressional figures, it is no surprise that Ava would also go into silence but it also shows the hypocrisy of the Left as how they say, “Don’t target children!” but then they target children like then young pre-teen Barron Trump, Lexi Rabe, and now Ava Martinez because these kids are not cowtailing to the SJW shills. 

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