Review: Lauren Southern’s “Borderless” Documentary is Shocking

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Spoiler Alert – Revealing Money Making Business

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The creator of the controversial documentary, Lauren Southern, is a provocative Canadian independent journalist who makes content that provides commentary from a Conservative perspective. She has just released her passion project entitled Borderless. It is a documentary about the migrant crisis in Europe. It is almost a mirror image of what the US is facing with Mexico and the South American caravans that continue to encroach. It appears, however, that YouTube doesn’t like what Southern says. We the People should watch and share it on all fronts. Warning – spoilers ahead!

The world looked on in amazement on TV sets when, in January 2016, floods of migrants poured into Cologne, Germany. In the very next breath, came footage of women screaming and crying as young men of war-fighting age surrounded them and piled them into a tunnel. Then we saw data showing rape and sexual assault rose in Europe, starting in the beginning months of 2016.

The Controversial Truth of Borderless

We began to see reports of rising “no go” zones in Sweden and other European countries. Here in America, people began to wonder what was going on in Europe. Legitimate questions and concerns started to fly from Conservative commentators regarding the national identity of Europeans. Differing heritage, economic concerns, and the concept of assimilation to a host nation as a necessary means of proper immigration are some of the many issues brought up by those on the Right.  

On the Left, phrases such as “open borders,” “no one is illegal,” and “you’re racist if you think one culture is better than another,” started to fly from the mouths of morning talk shows, news anchors, Buzzfeed monitors, and EU politicians. Yet crime rose, rape and sexual assault numbers started to skyrocket, and now various pockets have these “no go zones” such as Malmo Sweden. It appears there is no real solution in sight.

Lauren Southern

The Southern Strategy

Lauren Southern decided to take a deep dive into the crisis. After she left the paywall at Rebel Media, she started doing her own thing via Patreon. Once Patreon suspended her account, she went underground, further into this ordeal in Europe. What she delves into is a deeper trail of shocking discovery. It’s not just NGOs that pick up migrants and pocket some of the money that the migrants fork over. Southern shows there also happens to be a whole money laundering operation. In turn, is has become a large scale multi-million Euro business. The only thing happening is these NGOs do not end up helping migrants. The migrants end up still poor, homeless, and basically left for dead, while longing for home.

Many interviewed refugees talk about how it was a mistake and they miss their homeland. Some are quoted as saying it would have been better if they stayed in Iraq or Mali or Nigeria than travel to France or Ireland. Others live in fear as they wait for a pickup. One such migrant was waiting in Turkey for an NGO pick up when he reported ISIS was in his camp. He said he’s a victim of stabbings as ISIS members raped and murdered their way into these camps, crossing over with economic migrants.

Yet there is no assistance from Turkish police regarding these attacks. It seems apparent that the promise of a better future was nothing more than a pipe dream costing these migrants thousands of Euros with no hope and emptiness. Southern’s documentary revealed the whole open border/immigration debate is much more complicated. It is more nuanced than what we have seen on either CNN or Fox News. Ultimately, it shows nobody wins in the end – except for those who can profit.

YouTube Censors Borderless Documentary

Besides the very real humanitarian crisis as well as many voices who are stating this is unwanted from the average citizen and that it’s all done by bureaucratic authoritarians, the issue went even further for Southern. When she posted her documentary on YouTube, they deleted the first iteration. Many claim they were notified from their subscriptions that Southern posted new content, only to click on it and find the video had disappeared. She started receiving multiple emails and messages stating her video was gone and/or it’s been removed. Southern posted an “emergency backup” on May, 25th 2019.

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It shows nobody wins in the end – except for those who can profit.

Why the censorship? Why the removal of a journalist’s video documenting and revealing an issue that has been plaguing Europe for over three years? Is it that the very Leftist argument of how open borders is what needs to happen and showing the reality of a clashing culture is counter to what the Left wishes to promote? Erroneously labeling the documentary as “racist” and “xenophobic” seems to be the reason why YouTube removed the first video.

Borderless is Worth Watching

Lauren Southern and her team did a phenomenal job of documenting, interviewing, and using their journalist prowess to navigate a very troubling topic. It is what is happening in our world today. This is a documentary worth watching and sharing as long as it is up. Like, share, comment, and subscribe to Lauren Southern and other independent creators who are doing real journalism. Also, do what you can to subscribe to NRN for more content on how to continue to support American values and keeping America Great!

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