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Royal Baby Sussex has a Name

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The wait is finally over. Two days after giving birth to a 7 lb 3 oz royal baby, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share the first glimpse of their son dubbed “Baby Sussex” by the media. On May 8, 2019, his name was revealed: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor of Sussex.

royal baby named
And, baby makes three.

“It’s Magic, It’s pretty amazing” Meghan announced as she giggles with pride. “I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.”

The reporter goes on to ask the Duchess to tell us about her son. Specifically, is he sleeping well? Meghan the Duchess of Sussex asserts that “he has the sweetest temperament and very calm.” Prince Harry chimes in with, “I wonder where he gets that from?” His wife laughs. Prince Harry must be referring to his wife.

So not only is he a sweet little baby, but also very dashing as he was wrapped in a £105 ($136) shawl made by UK company GH Hurt & Son during his first appearance in front of the media, according to Britain’s Press Association. The news agency says it’s the same company that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used for their children. Meanwhile, the Duchess was wearing a white dress by British designer Grace Wales Bonner. She has been praised on social media for “not trying to hide” her postpartum bump. How can anyone two days after giving birth hide their bump? That would be pure magic.

The Royal Family Celebrates

Prince William welcomes his brother to the “sleep deprivation society.” As a parent of three, Prince William knows well about this all too well. The first son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was introduced the day after his June 22 birth on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital, where William was also born. Many believed Kate Middleton’s blue polka-dot dress to be a nod to the one worn by her late mother-in-law when Prince William was born. Many wonder how or if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will honor his late mother Princess Diana during this very monumental moment in their lives.

The Duchess looked stylish and glowing in white and gold button accents as she told a reporter about baby Sussex. “He has just been the dream. So it has been a special couple of days.” This couple seems more relaxed than his older brother Prince William. Harry was always the wild child, black sheep of the family and he seemed as if he always hated the rules. Remember his Las Vegas tour? Archie is Harry’s first son and is the seventh-in-line to the throne. He is a long way from that actually happening, so there is not that stress to be so royally perfect.

The Family Move to Africa

New York Times reported hours ago that after the cameras and new cycle on the baby Sussex has wrapped, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be moving to Africa. A series of reports last month suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their infant son may be dispatched by the palace for a stint in Africa.

They would serve as ambassadors to the Commonwealth of Nations, a loose organization of 53 countries that evolved out of the British Empire. The Times of London reported that the assignment might keep them away from Britain for “two or three years,” but Harper’s Bazaar, a few days later, dialed it down to “a few months.”

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Buckingham Palace has not confirmed or denied either report. This sort of assignment has been given to royals before and it serves two purposes. Firstly, to shore up the Commonwealth, a voluntary grouping chiefly made up of former colonies that has been one of Queen Elizabeth’s lifelong projects. Secondly, to occupy royals who want a break from the United Kingdom, or prove too attention-grabbing or too restless.

The Rumors are Hot

Perhaps raising Archie away from the media spotlight and Royal pressure in a relaxed atmosphere is more on the level of how they envision living their lives. Rumors have also been swarming that they want to raise Archie as a gender neutral person. The name Archie sounds like a boy and they have stated in public that Meghan gave birth to a “boy,” not an “it.” So, those rumors may have been just that – rumors.

We should embrace who we are. We all have many attributes both masculine and feminine. Some male energy may show more in a woman and vice versa. Yet, we have roles in society that play a definite, important part in life and our way of living. As long as you are a good person, love yourself and others that is all that matters.

We need both men and women in society and the roles they play. Let’s be respectful of this process but not lose sight of truths that have remained throughout time. The fact that Queens have ruled the land in England shows us that women can do just anything men can. A determined person can do anything, no matter what gender they may be.

Congratulations to the Royal Family

After showcasing baby Archie to the world, the next stop on his royal schedule was with his parents to meet the 93- year- old Queen Mother at Windsor Castle, along with Prince Phillip and Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland. Archie is the first grandchild for Doria and the eighth great-grandchild for the monarch. Mazel tov to the new parents and the entire Royal family.

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