Left Has a Problem With Christians

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Competing Religions and No Religion At All

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For hundreds of years, factions of the world population have taken issue with Christianity. Purist Judaizers decree the Messiah still has not come. Islamists claim Mohammad is the Holy prophet – not Jesus. Pantheists contend against monotheistic claims. Naturalists and anti/agnostic/atheist persuasions fight against the existence of any God.

Currently, there are sweeping, horrific attacks against Christians. It is a problem about which the Left refuses to honestly dialogue. It is not manufactured. History is repeating itself once again. Who will stand up to stop it?

Jesus, Himself, Said It

If ever there was a pertinent quote for the current climate, it is the one where Christ Himself said, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” While other portions note Jesus saying, “The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify about it that its works are evil.” Therefore, persecution is not something Christians are strangers to or unaware. It existed the moment a group of Jewish followers decided to drop everything they knew to follow Jesus of Nazareth. Additionally, it shows in the way His followers literally turned the world upside down.

We need to dissect this faith system to get a clearer picture of it. Christianity is a Jewish sect of faith that determined a man named Jesus of Nazareth came as God to be the substitute for the payment of sin. In addition, whoever believes in the Person Himself and His Works would receive the gift of complete forgiveness along with restitution back to God. There, they would find themselves in faith, having a new relationship with God.

It is the belief that all humans have sinned and rebelled against God. That God, out of a great love, sent His Son Jesus to pay for the sins of humanity. Whoever believes in this Jesus would be forgiven of all their debt that this spiritual rebellion incurred against God. In this way all debt is cleared via the Resurrection of Jesus. This idea of resurrection states that the check cleared and the debt is paid for. Any and all who believe in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus will take part in this gift of forgiveness and relational restoration to God.

Why the Hatred?

Whether born out of a theological split or simple logical laziness, it appears that the most undervalued, underrated, and definitely persecuted group of people happen to be Christians. More Christians have faced social upheaval that we can clearly see historically. From the moment Christians have been labeled as such, whether it be people of The Way, or what have you, persecution was not far behind.

Early accounts indicate the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus made it his mission to imprison and murder Christians. Eleven out of the 12 originally accounted disciples all met with gruesome ends. Peter was crucified upside down, and Thomas was run through with a spear while being burned alive. Christians in ancient Rome were scapegoated after the Caesarean emperor Nero ruined Rome and decreed Christians to be the cause of it.

Many Christians met horrid ends by being torn to pieces by wild beasts or worse yet, used as tiki torches to light Nero’s garden paths. These people were stabbed, ripped apart, crucified, tortured, run over, and nowadays gunned down and blown up. Yet these people did not recant their faith. They persevered through it, revolutionizing the known world. This is how the message of Christianity spread and turned the Roman world upside down.

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Powerful Message Changes Ephesus

The message of Jesus was so powerful that it completely changed the socio-economic trajectory of a Roman city known as Ephesus. People turned from worshiping Diana into more Jesus followers. This spurred more antagonism against these people who loved their neighbors, cared for the actual marginalized, treated slaves less like slaves and more like family. Marital norms changed as men valued their wives as people rather than property, which was the way of the times.

These people simply lived out their faith, telling people about the message that changed their lives. Their desire, out of a love the world has never seen, was for others to come to this same life change. The more they faced persecution, the more people recognized it was such an ardent faith from such rather normal people.

We have seen throughout history Christians face mass executions; The Armenian Genocide, Catholic priests in Japan, China stamping out religion, Russia finding Christians and silencing them. On and on the stories go. It is gut wrenching that such harmless people, who simply love their Jesus, their families, and their neighbors face such a tide of hatred. Yet here we are, over 2500 years later, and the story remains the same.

And, Today…

In the news of late, there is Christian slaughtering accounts in Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Nigerian Muslims went on a killing spree in Sri Lanka. Churches and hotels were bombed by Muslim extremists to the tune of over 300 dead and 500+ injured over the course of Easter 2019. Yet there is nothing in mainstream media calling for outrage, for peace, nor the condemnation of Muslim extremism.

It was bad that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, a bastion of faith that stood two wars, all of a sudden burned down, along with a many more churches vandalized. Now these massacres happened within a few months of each other.

The Ignorance of Politicians

The saddest thing here is that the lack of condemnations looks to be either ignorance or hypocrisy, or both. When the Christchurch shooting occurred in New Zealand, mass online hysteria was taken to the next level. A politician donned a hijab and the government put an even tighter choke hold on already stringent gun laws. Social media and the blue check mark Twitter brigade all called for the condemnation of white supremacy and “Islamophobia” while Facebook continued to bury the video of the shooter’s killing spree.


Above is Hillary Clinton’s tweet regarding the horrible Christchurch massacre. Below is her tweet about Sri Lanka. There is a problem in her message regarding Holy Weekend violence. We are told Hillary Clinton cannot be this ignorant. Conversely, look at her tweet calling Christians “Easter worshipers”. It is, for lack of a better word, dumb. Surprisingly, the Former President, Barack Obama used the exact same language as she did.


Easter Worshipers


Why is it that the Muslim community is recognized and their proper name is tweeted out by prominent Democrat political figures, but when it comes to the actual slaughter of Christians, they are regarded as “Easter worshippers” and/or ignored by CNN and other mainstream media outlets? There is yet to be a CNN piece from Anderson Cooper or Chris Cuomo where they have shed a tear for the Nigerian Christians who were hacked to pieces.

Rachel Maddow’s own MSNBC page does not even hint at the Sri Lankan attacks, much less a show where she sheds a single tear. These are political figures and media pundits.  They went through years of schooling in civics, law, journalism, and politics. Any casual observer knows these folks cannot be this ignorant, or this dumb. On the other hand, it appears as though there is one word that these politicians cannot bear to say, much less tweet about -and it is the word, “Christian”.

Not “Easter Worshipers”!

Christians do not worship Easter as the moniker suggests. Obviously, aside from the historically pagan concept of “Easter”, the notion is clear. Christians celebrate Easter from a theological standpoint. Namely, it is the day Christ rose from the dead in bodily form. Not as a zombie, or as an apparition. Not even as a manufactured ideology.

Christians firmly root their faith upon the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the crux of their faith and everything hinges on it. Disprove the bodily resurrection of Jesus, you completely undermine and unravel an entire faith system. Many Christians say, “Try it!” It is more than just “Easter worshipers”, it is the very pillar on which this faith stands.

To use this rather trite and asinine label simply shows most left leaning people cannot stand to use the word because it goes against the narrative. It is par for the course for Christians. This is nothing short of expected, from a Biblical standpoint. But from a cultural playing field, to simply call Christians “Easter worshipers” and provide lip service while bending over backwards for Muslims is truly telling as to where the favoritism lies.

The Language War

One thing should happen now that the hypocrisy is cemented on Twitter. The right should engage in the language war. The Left, for far too long, has taken words that do not mean anything, smashed them together, and created new terms which make no sense. Two can play at this game. Now that the Left is mum regarding the slaughter of Christians and have allowed their key players in the culture war to dehumanize Christians as “Easter worshipers”, isn’t that considered violence?

These “key players” are trying the erase a group of people. By not acknowledging the fact that Christians lost their lives systematically, and refusing to use their proper pronoun, is that not discrimination and hate speech? Hate speech is not allowed on the platform, according to Twitter terms of service. Should not Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have their accounts suspended? By calling Christians, “Easter worshipers”, is that not a display of “Christianophobia”? Judging by how they refuse to use the proper title of Christian shows there is an irrational fear of Christians.

Why are there rules for thee, and not for me? We should continue to barrage the mainstream media as well as these politicians along with big tech to capitulate to their rules. Name-calling Christians as “Easter worshipers” is hate speech. It is a full display of Christianophobia. Thus, it is a calculated large scale effort to erase the humanity of this group, known as Christians. And that is the problem the Left has with Christians.

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