RIGHT NOW Interview: ‘Angel Sister’ Shellie Woods

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Shellie Discusses the Loss of Her Brother Steve Woods to Illegal Aliens

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“I can’t bring Stephen Woods back. Nonetheless, these young men are not predators. . . . They are not criminally sophisticated, and there’s nothing to suggest they’re firmly entrenched in the gang lifestyle,” declared Superior Court Judge Everett W. Dickey, courtesy of the LA Times.

This astonishing statement from a superior court judge after hearing the story of Steve Woods is a tragedy in itself. One must wonder what was going through his head at the time this statement was made. How anyone could say these illegal alien youth were not predators is a mystery that shall perhaps never be solved. The backstory is as follows.

On October 15th, 1993, Steve Woods, a 17 year old high school student, went to a football game. Afterwards he joined friends on the beach. One of Steve’s friends eventually volunteered to take home another friend who had a curfew. They ran right into the gang of illegals at the top of the hill, who promptly confronted and punched the teens.

I think that [Steve] would have been very successful. He had a lot of dreams.

Shellie Woods

Gary Paer had forensics done to prove the paint roller rod could not possibly have been thrown. It was proven that it was plunged. Everyone was ducked down in the car while the glass shattered (According to Shellie Wood, prior to this article, no media has ever reported this accurately, nor did any of the Mainstream Media convey that illegal aliens committed the vicious murder).

All the defendants were responsible for Woods’ death because they joined in and acted together as a gang, hurling beer cans, metal bars, an eight pound wood log and other items. Steve Woods and his friends tried to escape the parking lot, in fear. Since California is a sanctuary state, to-date, four out of six have been released.

No one to this day knows where many of the defendants in Woods’ case are. Once they were released after serving paltry sentences, they were dropped off at the border and forgotten about. Two of these murderers, who remain behind bars, are a constant threat to Shellie Woods and her mother, Kathy. One threatens to murder to Shellie and her mother. He was denied parole in December 2015. Recently, he wrote to Governor Jerry Brown asking for clemency.

Rogelio Vasquez Solis laughs every time he sees the x-ray photo of Steve Woods’ skull with a sharpened paint roller rod running the width of it, from temple to temple. He constantly issues death threats to Shellie Woods and her mother. Shellie left the state of California for her safety but still worries about her mom, who doesn’t live too far from the families of these illegals.

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