RIGHT NOW Interview: ‘Angel Dad’ Chris Odette

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Chris Discusses the Loss of His Daughter Chrishia Odette to an Illegal Alien

Chrishia Odette – Angel Died in 2014, at the Hands of an Illegal Alien and Unlicensed Driver

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Five years ago, Chris Odette was a soldier, father, and husband. At that same time, he lost his beautiful wife to breast cancer. Fifteen months later on September 12, 2014, he lost his 13-year-old daughter after an illegal alien killed her while driving a truck registered to someone else without a drivers license. Now he’s on the run.

Chris Odette: Army Reserve Vet, Joint Mission with British Forces

In an interview with Breitbart, Chris Odette made this statement; “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has not presented a bill to tear down the border wall if she really thinks it is ‘immoral’.”

Democrats Blinded by Hatred for Trump

Chris points out a relevant fact that all of us on the Trump train have said before. Most American’s are wondering why Nancy Pelosi and other politicians have their homes protected by walls, at the same time, they vehemently oppose a barrier to protect the American people. We know walls work, just look at Ireasl.

American Voters Trusted Politicians

American voters trusted these politicians and put them in office. American’s want to know if refusal by the Democrat’s to agree on funding the wall is in direct defiance to President Trump simply because they are blinded by their hatred of him personally.

Pelosi and Schumer Snub Invite from Angel Dad Chris Odette

Chris Odette, a US military veteran stated in a Breitbart article, that he has repeatedly tweeted to Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Chris recently extended an invitation to Pelosi for them to meet and talk about his daughter’s death. Odette’s multiple attempts at reaching out to both Nancy and Chuck have fallen on deaf ears. As of this article publication, neither of them have responded.

New Right Network Interview

In our exclusive New Right Network interview on Sunday, Chris expresses his concern regarding the last moments of her life;

It likely took minutes for [Chrishia] to die. It wasn’t something that was quick.

Chris Odette

“According to the accident report when the police arrived, she had blood coming out of her nose, ears, and mouth. She had crossed the road at a non-crosswalk. He hit her going full speed. He broke her neck and crushed parts of her skull,” Chris Odette told Interviewer Ashley Adams on Sunday. Odette went on to say, “When I finally got my daughters death certificate for her funeral, the death certificate read that cause of death was severe trauma to her head and her neck. It likely took minutes for her to die. It wasn’t something that was quick.”

The driver of the vehicle that killed 13 year old Chrishia is still at large. You can find the timeline of the accident and the detailed story on Chris Odette’s website Justice4Chrishia.com.

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ICE Fugitive – Ramiro Tolentino Guevara

Ramiro Tolentino Guevara ICE Fugitive

Seeking Justice In Daughter’s Death

At this time, Ramiro Tolentino Guevara is an ICE Fugitive. Chris is hoping to locate his daughters killer (who is currently in hiding), with the help of the public and get him deported.

Fugitive Illegal Husband’s Wife has Alias

Ramiro Tolentino Guevara’s wife Patricia Guevara, is currently using the alias Paty Novoa. She was last known to be living in Rockwall, Texas with ICE Fugitive Ramiro Tolentino Guevara. Patricia Guevara aka Paty Novoa was last seen driving a late model Red Ford Explorer

Patricia Guevara aka Paty Novoa

Please contact local Law Enforcement with any information if you think you have seen them. Any information is helpful.

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