RIGHT NOW Interview: ‘Angel Sister’ Avery Corcoran

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Avery Discusses the Loss of Her Brother Pierce Corcoran to an Illegal Alien

Pierce Corcoran’s car / Photo Knox News

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The Corcoran family of Knoxville, TN, lost their 22-year-old son, Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, on December 29, 2018, at the hands of an illegal alien.

Fake News On Criminally Negligent Homicide

The Fake News Media reported, “The crash had none of the usual elements of a vehicular homicide prosecution — such as drugs, alcohol or speeding, for example — and [Knox County Public Defender], Stephens argued simply swerving across lanes didn’t amount to negligence.”

Facts About Illegal Immigration

In contrast to the many false statements made by Knox County News, and other media outlets, I assert that in fact, this case has the elements needed for a legitimate charge of criminally negligent homicide.

Indisputable Case Facts

  • Fact: The driver of the head-on collision on Chapman Highway in Knoxville, TN killing Pierce Corcoran was caused by an illegal alien. According to multiple witnesses, and the police report.
  • Fact: The driver could have swerved right and avoided taking the innocent life of Pierce Corcoran.
  • Fact: The driver consciously chose to swerve left, into oncoming traffic thereby taking a life. (Could this have been avoided?)
  • Fact: 44-year-old, illegal alien Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany, has been living and working in the United States illegally for the past 14 years in Knoxville, and operating under the radar of law officials on purpose.
  • Fact: The driver made several unprovable excuses for why he has lived here illegally for this long to the courts. Refer to Knox County News for the excuses given in court.
  • Fact: Not one of his claims have been proven.
  • Fact: The driver that killed Pierce Corcoran was uninsured.
  • Fact: The illegal that crashed his unregistered vehicle into two other vehicles, was also driving without a license.
  • Fact: Public Defender for the illegal alien, Mark Stephens made an immediate motion to the court to simply “throw out the case,” at the first public appearance in court.
  • Fact: Several laws have been broken that all US citizens are held accountable to uphold, the illegal alien must be held accountable for his alleged crimes.

Consequences – Taking The Life of an American Citizen

Currently denied justice, the Corcoran family waits. They deserve better from our country. Will there be no consequences for the horrific ‘alleged’ actions by this illegal alien that killed another human being? How long will these crimes go on unpunished? How many more Americans need to die before Democrats see that this is not a manufactured crisis, and it is not ignorable.

Pierce is the son of Knoxville Fire Department Spokesperson, DJ Corcoran. We have an American family here that serves their community in the best possible way. Justice must come for all that are impacted by this illegal immigration crisis that our nation faces. One life is too many.


A wall is the fastest way to impact this crisis now. It is our best hope at stopping the atrocities inflicted on so many Americans.

Pierce Family Meet with VP Pence and other Angel Families – Justice for Pierce/Facebook

Turning Tragedy Into Miracles

Following their son’s death, the Corcoran family are currently traveling and advocating with law maker’s in Washington, DC., and across the country to bring awareness of his death. Pierce’s death is a direct result from our country’s much needed immigration reform, and lack of a continuous border wall that would deter immigrants crossing illegally.  

Angel Families Organization

In this family’s quest for solutions and their efforts in bringing attention to America’s illegal immigration crisis, the Corcoran family got invited to meet with other Angel families in Washington, DC. These other lovely Angel families also have lost family members to crimes committed by illegal aliens. They are a source of comfort to each other while going through this painful process of hopelessly seeking justice for their loved ones.

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The Angel Families Organization’s mission is as follows:

We went down to UT Hospital. It was there that we were told that Pierce would not make it.

Avery Corcoran

“To bring illegal alien crimes to the forefront of politicians and American citizens by bringing victims and their families into the light with their stories and to enlighten them of the fight we have in front of us. To convince our politicians and American citizens that there is a threat to our national security and to fellow Americans. Our Goal is for this to happen before it takes hundreds of thousands of lives. Our American citizens deserve protection from illegal aliens and support from our politicians.” https://www.angelfamilies.org

Keeping Memories Alive – Pierce Kennedy Corcoran

The parents and sister of Pierce Corcoran met with Rep. Marsha Blackburn, and Rep. Tim Burchett, of TN in Washington, DC., while they were with the other Angel Family’s. It was the family’s honor to attend the SOTU per their invitations. They tried to meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, but they were not interested. This was a huge disrespect to the Corcoran family and to their deceased son. All of the available Republicans on that same trip made time to meet with them.

The Corcoran family continues to discuss our failed immigration system with those that will listen and explore possible solutions to this non-manufactured crisis.

The facts of their case are alarming and should be reported by mainstream media accurately. Mainstream Media outlets, minus Fox News, choose to ignore the loss of Americans to illegal immigration. The outlets continue to push the false narrative that illegal immigration is a manufactured crisis.

Illegal Aliens – They Are Criminals The Moment They Cross Illegally

The driver, Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany was in this country illegally. He was operating a motor vehicle without an operator’s license. He had no insurance. He did not even get out of his car after the crash to check on the driver he hit according to multiple witness accounts.

While this innocent young man sat in his vehicle fighting for his life, taking his last breaths, the illegal simply watched and did nothing. Who does this?

Illegals Do Not Respect Americans or American Law

An illegal alien afraid of getting caught for being in the country illegally with possible warrants, driving without insurance, operating a vehicle without a driver’s license and afraid of deportation, that is who does this. America, we have a problem and we must rectify it, fast.

One illegal alien operating under the radar effects this country like dominos. This one case has touched thousands of lives. We need a barrier.

New Right Network Interview with Avery Corcoran

In an exclusive New Right Network interview with Avery Corcoran, Pierce’s Angel sister expressed;

If it were your child, how would you feel? Whether you see yourself as an Independent, an insane Democrat, a Republican or you have no party affiliation whatsoever, the loss of a loved one due to crimes committed by an illegal alien is no respecter of persons. It can happen to anyone.

Wake up America, you are worth it. Build the wall. Help our country heal.

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