Jussie Smollett #HateHoax: 13 Funniest Reactions

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I don’t know about all y’all you guys, but after following the #HateHoax Jussie Smollett failed spectacularly at attempted, I needed a few hours to continue laughing finally let loose. So I scoured the Twittersphere in search of the funniest reactions out there. I found 13.

#13 #JussieSmollett Interview Mashup

This one was funny. Someone took a spoof of the ‘attack’ and matched it with Jussie’s own words in the interview. The result was hilarious.


#12 Louder With Crowder Gets a Laugh

The guys from Louder With Crowder will have you rolling with this hilarious commentary. Their takes are uproarious.


#11 Tim Young Asks a Probing Question

Anyone wonder what the store clerk at the Crafty Beaver was thinking during this transaction? Of course, it must not seem too odd. It is the CRAFTY BEAVER, after all.


#10 Snarky Twitterite

These Spongebob Squarepants clips fit so perfect, this Twitterite couldn’t help but share. Thank you, Twitterite.

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#9 Citation Needed

This Twitterite is looking for the one who found the perfect Maury footage to mash. Let us know when you find them.


#8 Manchester Black Adam and Chicago White Jussie…

This Twitterite thinks Jussie bears an uncanny resemblance to Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. I think so, too. What do you think?


#7 Actual Footage!

Jim actually found evidence that the Chicago incident wasn’t the only ‘attack’ Smollett suffered. Check this out!


#6 No One’s Cooperating!

It must be frustrating to find someone willing to hurt you. Jussie hired Nigerian White Supremacists to do the job because he couldn’t find racist Americans to do so!


#5 Charles Barkley Won’t Let Go

Jim Hanson brings us this hilarious footage of Charles Barkley’s epic roast. Apparently, Barkley couldn’t be deterred from giving his hilarious take.


#4 Patrick Starr Pulls a Smollett

Nathan brings us new footage of the attack via #Nickelodeon


#3 Graham Allen Epically Unloads

This guy is hilarious when he’s mad. Graham Allen educates Jussie Smollett on what a racist really is.


#2 Charles Barkley Can’t Get Over the Check

Yes this is in twice. Because this one has the check!


#1 Trevor Noah Systematically Rips Smollett

He is a leftie. He spoke up for Trump supporters (sort of). AND he was so epically funny, he wins top spot. I’m #SorryNotSorry.


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