Maybe Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are Right, It is a Modern Day Lynching

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A Historical Analysis of the Jussie Smollett Hoax

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Before the bleach had settled into the storm grates of the Chicago Streets, presidential hopefuls Cory Booker and Kamala Harris donned the armor of the social justice warrior. In their minds, the obviously vicious Trump supporting, MAGA hat wearing, racist, homophobic attackers targeted an actor that many conservatives never heard of before the attack (because he was a major Barack Obama supporter).

Senators Booker and Harris jumped on the Democrat talking points that this was a ‘modern day lynching’- a black liberal man was being accosted by conservative white men for his political and personal opinions. However, when the dust settled and the facts started coming out, we found that Jussie Smollett allegedly arranged the attack, paid the two men of Nigerian and even sent himself the hate mail. Even still, some on the liberal side of the aisle said that Smollett was the victim- that it was because of the environment that Donald Trump created that he felt the need to conduct a ‘hate attack‘ on himself. This action is highlighting a modern trend of allowing mob rule to dictate the news cycle, that the crimes that liberals want to see are covered, even when they are not real crimes and the facts are not true.

The Jussie Smollett case is the most famous flavor of the week. However, in 2018, Yasmin Seweid told police that she was attacked in the subway by a drunken Trump supporter. The media took off with the story. Later she admitted that she made up the crime. Earlier this year, the Covington Catholic school was at the March for Life when a liberal activist (who also happened to be of Native American decent) ran up in a student’s face and started pounding a drum. The media cropped the picture so it looked like the boys were surrounding the man and harassing him, longer video exonerated the boys.

Senators Booker and Harris showed in this week’s news cycle that they were unfit for the office of President of the U.S.

During the 2016 election, it was found that racist graffiti and fire damage on a Southern church was done at the hands of one of the parishioners who wanted his fellow parishioners to be motivated to ‘vote against Donald Trump.’ In November 2017, A man defaced his own car with racist graffiti and turned it in to the police in Kansas. In 2018, a synagogue was vandalized by a city ‘anti-hate’ worker, making it look like white supremacists. While hate crimes are major problem in the United States, Democrats, like Senators Booker and Harris are not helping alleviate the tensions in the United States. Instead, they actively choose hoaxes that fit their narrative instead of dealing with crimes (such as the young man with a disability that was tortured for days, live streamed, because he was conservative, or the young man who was just assaulted on UC Berkley’s campus for being a Trump Supporter).

5 Facts About Lynchings in the Pre-Civil Rights Era

Using the language ‘A Modern Day Lynching’ is propaganda and signaling to their base that Donald Trump is the problem and that any Black American that joins with Candice Owens in the #Blexit from the Democrat Party is supporting the problem. However, the use of the term ‘A Modern Day Lynching’ may not be far off from the truth. Here are some facts about lynchings in the pre-civil rights era:

1. Lynchings Were Done against Blacks, Whites, Catholics and Conservatives

Lynchings in the pre-civil rights era were not done only against blacks. It was not until well into the rise of the KKK in the South that blacks were targeted. The first targets of the harassment were Southern whites who were supporting the civil rights of blacks in the community, especially Catholics who were welcoming blacks from the traditional black churches to the Catholic Church. The whole purpose of the first lynchings and cross burnings was to scare Conservatives, outspoken blacks and whites along with Catholic churches into staying quiet about abuses.

2. Lynchings Were Done to Galvanize Support Within the Base

Lynchings were a show of power by cowards. Large groups of men would abduct Conservatives, Catholics and Black Americans in the middle of the night from their beds to execute them. They would wear masks to hide their faces, like cowards, while they burned crosses in people’s yards. This was done to ‘show’ racists within their ranks that they had the support of others in the community, without outing themselves to Republican controlled Northern forces that were policing the communities.

3. Lynchings Were Done to Create Fear and Disgust Against the Other Side

Killing and other acts, such as burning crosses, were done to sow fear within the people on the other side. Cowards do not understand courage. While they believed that killings and hate crimes would scare Southern blacks and Conservative whites into silence, they actually galvanized the American community which resulted in the Civil Rights Act just over 100 years later.

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4. Lynchings Were Tacitly Supported by Democrat Party leadership, Even Though They Kept Enough Distance to Keep Their Hands Clean

If you look at and other fact checking sites, they will say that the Democrat Party did not start the KKK, this is true. In reality, the Democrat Party was dying after the Civil War. Corrupt leaders from the Confederate States of America were not allowed to hold public office. In this time, the KKK saved the Democrat Party and ingrained some of its elements into the Party, which used these hate crimes as a way to ‘inspire’ hateful cowards to join the cause.

5. Lynchings Were Forced Into the Public Spotlight to Get the Most Exposure

Lynchings and cross burning always had reporters or photographers there. While the cowards often wore masks, they wanted their actions to be known, but not their names. The weak in these situations were showing a caricature of power, as if 30 men kidnapping a sleeping teenager out of his bed in the middle of the night and killing him was ‘power’ in any sense of the word. It was always about fear and intimidation and if people do not know about it, then they cannot be afraid.

Modern Day Lynchings Follow the Same Patterns of Pre-Civil Rights Era

These same tenants can be seen in the incidents that I mentioned above. Whereas the hate crimes against people who were not in the ‘target demographic’ were not publicized. These obvious hoaxes (most being exposed within days or hours of the event) are trumpeted in the Mainstream Media (MSM) as if they are gospel, just because it fits the narrative of Senators who want to make a run at the presidency. Here are the similarities in the ‘modern day lynchings’:

  1. Were done against Blacks, Whites, Catholics and Conservatives– We have seen attacks where whites were falsely accused and then the attention was swapped to blacks of Nigerian descent ‘in MAGA hats’ in the Smollett matter, where whites were accused in the Seweid matter, where whites were accused in the church vandalism and where white Catholic boys were accused in the Covington case. This was to put pressure on the rest of the country to ostracize these people who were ‘violating’ Democrat community standards.
  2. Were done to galvanize support within the base-  If you watched the frenzy on Twitter and the MSM after each of these alleged attacks, you can see how it brought the extremists out on the left side if the aisle. The ‘Orange Man Bad’ message was reverberated from Twitter to Facebook and from Instagram to the Print Media. While the stories made massive headlines and front page news, the retractions were quietly printed (where they were printed) at the back of the paper and nowhere to be seen on social media.
  3. Was done to create fear and disgust against the other side- When you are doing a hoax, you are villainizing other people. This is to create fear and stigma for being a Conservative black person, a white person wearing a MAGA hat (see Pusha T’s comments) or being a young person of faith. Making your opponent hated is much easier than winning by disproving their points, matching their logic, or winning the hearts of people with compassion and freedom. In the modern Democrat party, we see that it is better to give people hate and free stuff to keep them voting for you.
  4. Was tacitly supported by Democrat Party leadership, even though they kept enough distance to keep their hands clean– We saw in the social media posts of Democrat leaders, much of which has been taken down now, that there was support for the hoaxers. Even after the hoaxes were exposed, many of the leaders only walked back their stories slightly.
  5. Was forced into the public spotlight to get the most exposure- The media is propelling these hoaxers to the forefront, while only moderately condemning them afterwards. To some of the media’s credit, they have been more forthcoming with the Smollett matter; however, it may be too little too late as he already got the exposure that he wanted from the alleged hoax.

As you can see, the Democrats are using the same pattern that worked for them in the pre-civil rights era as the KKK rebuilt the Democrat Party. This is the same pattern that they used in the years after World War II, demonizing blacks who were not allowed to fight as ‘unpatriotic,’ the same tactics used to attach Civil Rights leaders in the 1960s, the same race dividing tactics used in the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and the 2000s. Now we have to take the time to call them out on the hate, call them out on the fake news and call them out on ruining people’s lives.

Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris showed in this week’s news cycle that they were unfit for the office of President of the United States. While President Trump may be loud, he may put out everything that he thinks on Twitter and he may at times be crude- when an issue this big comes out he waits until the facts start to come out before he starts to place the blame. Tweeting well wishes to Jussie Smollett, as some other Senators and politicos did, is OK, saying get well soon is never a problem- even if the person caused their own problems. However, when you blame one third of the nation for a hate crime that did not happen, you are showing that you are incapable of governing the whole of the people of the United States. Mr. Booker and Ms. Harris, because you have shown that you will jump to conclusions without all the facts, please step down from the presidential race and your positions as Senators in these United States. We need leaders who will represent us of all- not just the people who fit our narrative.

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