RIGHT NOW Interview: ‘Angel Mom’ Judy Zieto

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Judy Discusses the Loss of Her Son Blake Zieto to an Illegal Alien

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On November 18, 2006, Blake Zieto, 20, was riding his motorcycle to meet a friend in Denham Springs, LA. A truck coming from the opposite direction slammed into Zieto, leaving him and his motorcycle underneath the truck, as both went up in flames.  Zieto died on the way to the hospital.

I made a promise to [Blake] that I would find the man that did this.

Judy Zieto

The driver of the truck, Jesus Maltos Chacon, jumped from the truck and fled the scene. Chacon is not a U.S. citizen or resident, and has never been found. For 12 years, he has been wanted by the U.S. Marshall office for vehicular homicide. Chacon had been arrested at least twice previously for a DWI and other infractions. His whereabouts are unknown, but he is presumed to be in his home country of Mexico.

Blake Zieto’s mother, Judy, has actively sought justice for her son since his death. She keeps his story and memory alive through Justice for Blake Facebook page, hoping that justice will someday be served.

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