‘Angel Mom’ Mary Ann Mendoza: ‘We’ve Become Collateral Damage’

Angel Moms are Proof that America Needs a Border Wall

The Angel Mom’s have lost kid’s to illegal aliens and are strong Trump supporters who want to seek justice. They want to see President Trump build the wall so that what happened to their kids never happens again to anyone else’s child.


In an online ad, Mary Ann Mendoza declared “I want to have the border wall funded, we need to have border security.” She goes on to say that “The system absolutely failed Brandon, failed myself and is failing America. I just feel like we’ve become collateral damage.”

Mary Ann Mendoza is an Arizona mother who’s son was killed by a drunk illegal alien. The killer was driving the wrong direction. The illegal alien who killed Brandon already had a criminal record yet had not been deported.

Mary Ann Mendoza is an Arizona mother who’s son was killed by a drunk illegal alien.

It’s very clear the Angel Mom’s would like the wall to be built. It’s needed to prevent future tragedies like that which affected them. Mendoza said about President Trump: “I have a hard time sleeping at night, I have a hard time even thinking about what’s going to happen to this country if we don’t get someone like Donald Trump in office.” Speaking directly to Pelosi and Schumer who have politicized this key national security issue, Mendoza said “Angel families, border patrol, DHS, ranchers and all other citizens affected by illegal alien crime are the proof [Pelosi and Schumer] needed.”

Trust in Trump

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza commented, “I’m here to support my president. When I got to meet Mr. Trump, he was candidate Trump. He held my hand and told me everything was going to be okay. And I believe him. I know that he’s here to fight for the American people. And I love my president. I don’t care what anybody says. He’s a good president. And shame on Nancy Pelosi and Schumer.”

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Clearly the Angel Moms remain supportive of President Trump’s immigration agenda and they would like it to be implemented. The Democrats should hear them out and establishment Republicans should begin to realize how important this issue truly is to our country and its future.

The open border lobbies in both parties should listen to the advise of those who lost loved ones to people who never should have even been here. It’s time for President Trump to be given the money to build the wall with Mexico and by doing so, prevents future tragedy.

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