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The Downside of a Thriving Free Market

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With a thriving free market system, there are obviously some negatives. Some examples of these negatives are an overabundance of material goods, producing an excess of waste, the constant unrestrained access to those goods, and the vast overconsumption of those material goods are all factors that can negatively impact a society.

Health Risks Abound

Obesity rates in America are climbing at a steady pace. Right now, two out of every three men are considered clinically obese. The obesity rate shot up from 23% of the population in 1962 up to 64% of adults being obese in 2008 (stats from the CDC). According to the CDC’s National Health Survey back in 2015, 70 million adults in the U.S. are obese (35 million men and 35 million women) with about 99 million estimated as being overweight (45 million men and 54 million women).

To be clear, obesity means you have a Body Fat Percentage level that is morbidly high. Based on your Basal Metabolic Rate and determining your height, age, resting heart rate, and base caloric intake level determines the level of healthiness in a person, which also differs between men and women. A man is considered elite athlete level if he is bordering between 5-8% body fat. A woman is considered elite athlete level if she displays a body fat percentage of 10-12%, because women have hormones to worry about and too little body fat will cause irregularities in her system if she is to experience optimal health levels. The body fat percentage that is clinically defined as obese is over 25% in men and over 32% (roughly) in women. Obesity is about body fat percentages and not necessarily your full weight.

Excess Is Too Easy To Access

The issue is access to abundance, and our free market system affords us that negative drawback. The ease of access to a Big Mac from McDonald’s is about as simple as a short walk or drive to the corner, pulling up to the window of your local McDonald’s, and ordering your 650 calorie sandwich, without leaving the comfort of your car. With this being the base disposition of Americans, it is no wonder some of the most obese people are also the most unhappy.

Before moving any further, read it here and read it out loud. The Fat Acceptance, healthy at any size movement is a farce; an outright lie. An abdication of your own responsibility and a bane on others who will have to incur the cost of someone else’s irresponsible life choices regarding their health. It is an uncaring, unloving movement that actually chains people into this lifestyle by lying to them and selling them a bill of goods that affords them nothing.

Accepting Responsibility

Today’s culture is enabling that behavior. Long gone are the bikini-clad women we admire and ogle, who embody a slender, sleek physique which displays a formidable regiment of discipline and health. In the UK, they replaced a protein powder advertisement with one that has women who are obese in tight yellow swimsuits, running on a beach, acting as if life is grand. The reality is their bone structures are disintegrating, they probably cannot breathe properly without wheezing, and they have higher rates of heart attacks and cancers due to their method of consumption.

Healthier, better looking conservative women are gracing the streets of our cities, having fun at bars, clubs, and concerts. These women are donning the colors of Old Glory while they listen to Rascal Flatts and/or Jay-Z. They are involved. They are passionate. They are healthy and in turn, they are happy.

It is clearly seen statistically that conservatives are generally healthier and happier. Of course, there may be some Republican folks who have beer bellies and smoke four packs of cigarettes a day, but generally, conservatives are healthy and happy.

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A Healthy Lifestyle

Conservative folks are living it up. Whether it be fun at a gun range and buying a gun or five, or attending a concert of their choice with the money they earned, or be it in the gym running the treadmill or lifting weights, they end up expressing happiness with life. A contentment for what is, a desire for what could be, and the expression of a whimsical ideal towards that future of what is better.

More millennials are leaving the Left in pursuit of more conservative values and lifestyles, which is great to see, for certain. They are seeing that conservatives are happier, having more fun, and are generally content with wanting to live how they choose and allow others to live how they want.

Now, imagine a country where that happens. It used to be America before the Left took over the humanities, media, and other streams of culture. Now we have obese ‘victims’ who deserve to feel special when their bodies are betraying their supposed “happiness” disposition.

It is time to laugh again. It is time to play again. It is time to succeed again with no apologies. It is time to experience love again. It is time to have fun again. It is time to be happy again. It is time to also be responsible for ourselves first before others. It is also time to prioritize ourselves, meaning the healthier we are, the happier we become.

The Means To Maintaining

Healthy does not mean being a male bodybuilder for the Mr. Olympia stage or a female NPC bikini athlete. They will tell you such disciplines are not sustainable or healthy. Being healthy means having a manageable lifestyle of equal parts, of both work and play. In the midst of that, having the time to enjoy a walk or if you are up for it, an hour-long session at the gym under the weights. It means being able to go to the doctor and receive a clean bill of health, with a low count of bad cholesterol, so you are less likely to suffer a heart attack or experience depression due to being immobile from your weight. Healthy means being able to enjoy life not confined to your couch because you cannot move from it without help. Healthy means being able to jump around at a concert to the beat of the music without stopping every 30 seconds to catch your breath. Healthy means enjoying life on your own without worrying about loss of breath or worrying if that last chicken nugget will cause your heart to seize.

No Pain, No Gain

It is recommended that a proper resistance training regiment can do wonders for the body. Endorphins do not lie, folks! You rage out against the weights, or you spike your cardio levels to the maximum to the point of pain. You come out experiencing growth, strength, speed, endurance, resilience, and discipline. You will express a fortitude of consistency and drive to do and be better, and in so doing, you will see yourself setting goals and smashing them moment by moment. Your body will thank you for it and in turn, more than not, the country will be better because of it.

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