Kyle Rittenhouse
‘Civil Rights’ Lawsuits  Against Rittenhouse Will Go Nowhere, Experts Predict

Legal experts speculated on whether Joe Biden's Justice Department may bring civil rights cases against Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted of two ...

Rittenhouse Calls Out Prosecutor: ‘A Corrupt Person Who Just Wants To Make A Name For Himself’

When asked about his trial and how the prosecution handled it, Kyle Rittenhouse did not mince words when asked about Kenosha County prosecutor Thomas Binger ...

Kyle Rittenhouse Sends Joe Biden a Message on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Kyle Rittenhouse sat down for a pre-taped interview with Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday night, in his first interview since being ...

Democrat Steps Down After Labeling Waukesha Incident ‘Karma’ for Rittenhouse Verdict

After claiming that the horrific and deadly incident in Waukesha, Wis., Saturday evening, in which someone plowed into a Christmas parade with an SUV was ...

Kyle Rittenhouse Announces His Next Move

Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer gave an update on his client's situation after his trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, finished on Friday with a series of not guilty ...

Newsmax: Rittenhouse Jurors’ Verdict Count May Be A Close Call

According to a fresh report from Newsmax, the jury verdict count is far closer than many people believe. Sources claim that the current verdict count is 6 to 6.

Rittenhouse Defense Finds an Opportunity to Request Mistrial Without Prejudice

Late Wednesday, Kyle Rittenhouse's defense team filed a motion for a mistrial. The defense filed a request for a mistrial with prejudice earlier this week, ...

Just In: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Gun Charge Dismissed

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two, during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He has argued that he fired in self-defense after the men attacked him. ...

The Rittenhouse Effect

Kyle Rittenhouse.  The latest figure of infamy for some, a noted hero to others but we definitely need to take into account all the facts we know so far ...

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