The Rittenhouse Effect

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Kyle Rittenhouse.  The latest figure of infamy for some, a noted hero to others but we definitely need to take into account all the facts we know so far surrounding this guy.  If you don’t already know, Kyle Rittenhouse was found during the Kenosha, WI riots after the justifiable shooting of Jacob Blake, who is currently stated to be paralyzed from the lower back down due to the seven close range shots fired by police.  You can find reports of that elsewhere but just know that Blake, a noted sexual abuser with an active warrant was in the middle of a car heist and was noted to have found a knife in the vehicle he was attempting to rob when the tussle with Kenosha Police occurred which lead to a resisting of arrest and then the shooting.  When the riots exploded, Kyle Rittenhouse arrived to help people.  What happened afterwards lead to an explosion (no pun intended) of conflicting reports regarding the kid.  Yes, we say kid because he’s a 17 year old boy.

What We Know Now

Being that he is 17, there are some things that need to be stated as glaring realities.  First off, the notion that he crossed state lines with a gun.  Yes, Kyle lives in Illinois so he did cross state lines to be in Kenosha during the riot.  Being that he is 17, there are conflicting laws between Illinois and Wisconsin.  Illinois affords him to be able to use his AR-15 as it’s a popular hunting rifle.  Wisconsin is an open carry state as of 2011 so there is that conundrum.  We also know he shot and killed at least one criminal and injured another with a shot to the arm.  It should be noted that Wisconsin is a Castle Doctrine state, it is not a “Stand Your Ground” state, meaning that you cannot retaliate outside your home, vehicle, or business.  Another thing to note is that in Wisconsin, someone must take as many measures as possible to retreat from the situation.  In every video, we see Kyle taking that opportunity to retreat.  This is known as “The duty to retreat” and Wisconsin affords that..  Every video shows him running away from confrontation.  Also in every video, we see a swath of about 4-6 people running after him in pursuit.

Shots Fired

What we should note entirely from the video in question, Kyle trips and falls and the mob that was in pursuit of his retreat begin to attempt to pile on top of him.  One assailant attempted to jump on him, another pursuer tried to use his skateboard as a cudgel.  In the tail end of that available footage, we even see an attacker move in bit by bit and Rittenhouse letting him till he shoots the man in the arm.  The skateboard attacker by the way had a pistol in his possession at the time Rittenhouse shot him.  Rittenhouse knowing his life was in danger because a mob is not an intelligent animal and is led entirely by emotions and is a dangerous creature at that, fired shots.  He was coherent in his shots and no innocent people were harmed, only the attackers.  Here is what we do know.  He shot a man named Joseph Rosenbaum.  The irony here is that Rosenbaum according to sources was a registered sex offender with charges of sexual conduct involving a minor.  The next man who was shot but only suffered a wound to the arm was Gaige Grosskreutz where again, sources state this guy was a convicted felon with burglary charges carrying an illegal firearm at the time.  This was the one in the video who attempted to inch his way to Rittenhouse and was undeterred by the other two who were shot and killed.  This unfazed approach afforded Grosskreutz the chance to be at a very close range before Rittenhouse fired and hit his arm.  The third man and the last casualty was Anthony Huber, a 10x convicted felon who was the one who attempted to knock Rittenhouse out with a skateboard before a bullet from Rittenhouse’s AR-15 hit him.  While the records and rapsheets of these men are not relevant, they are the ones who are verified to be the assailants in question that brought the most possible threat to Rittenhouse resulting in him using his rifle to take out his three attackers.

Semantical Evidence Matters

As of now, Rittenhouse is charged with first-degree homicide and is currently detained by Kenosha police.  Many on social media on the Left have demonized the seventeen year old as a white supremacist who hates black people and the media has followed suit with the mob.  The Conservative influencers have asserted that he’s a venerable hero for unknowingly taking out two who were criminals and injured another one.  The semantics of the law will need to play out in the final end assuming the grand jury doesn’t cave to the mob.  Rittenhouse’s age, Wisconsin self-defense laws, and everything regarding the incident in question as there is ample video evidence that shows Rittenhouse’s only crime was being a minor with a gun across state lines.  Everything else was a justifiable kill considering the laws in question in the state of Wisconsin.  If we don’t believe women, we don’t believe men, we believe evidence as The Amazing Lucas continually asserts, then we have the evidence and thus Rittenhouse by measure of Wisconsin self-defense law, is innocent of the shootings but that is going to be something the jury will have to discuss and so far, Rittenhouse is detained and charged with homicide.

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