Kyle Rittenhouse Announces His Next Move

Rittenhouse Defense Attorney Says Client Will Have To Leave Kenosha Over Threats

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer gave an update on his client’s situation after his trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, finished on Friday with a series of not guilty verdicts.

Defense counsel Mark Richards expects Rittenhouse will be forced to leave the city, and potentially the area, despite the fact that he grew up in the area and has friends and relatives there.

Rittenhouse resided in Antioch, Illinois, a small town south of Kenosha, with his mother.

Following his acquittal, Richards told reporters at a post-verdict press conference that he did not see Rittenhouse staying in the region due to death threats.

Richards also expressed his surprise at the volume of death threats received by all parties involved in the trial.

“Everyone in this case – and by that I mean both the prosecution and the defense – it’s alarming how many death threats we’ve had,” Richards said, adding that his own phone number had been hijacked at one time.

Richards also stated that opting to bring Rittenhouse to the stand to testify in his own defense was not a “close call.”

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Alexandra Brinkley
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