Democrat Steps Down After Labeling Waukesha Incident ‘Karma’ for Rittenhouse Verdict

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After claiming that the horrific and deadly incident in Waukesha, Wis., Saturday evening, in which someone plowed into a Christmas parade with an SUV was “Karma” for the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case the day before, an Illinois Democrat has resigned from her post as social media director for a county-level party.

The deadly #Waukesha Christmas parade event, according to Mary Lemanski, social media manager for the Democratic Party of DuPage County, Illinois, is karma.

Lemanski later resigned from her social media post after making “some remarks that were not in good taste regarding the Waukesha tragedy,” according to a statement she released after the tweets went viral.

The DuPage County Democratic Party issued a statement separating itself from Lemanski’s comments, calling her a “former member of our party.” There is no one designated as the party’s social media director right now.

“We are aware of statements made by a former member of our organization and find them to be incredibly insensitive and not in alignment of who we are as an organization. Our organization does not support hate in any form,” the group tweeted on Monday.

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Alexandra Brinkley
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