My Blantifa Neighbor

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Many Americans are experiencing torment and harassment for loving the President or having different views, even from their neighbors.

Linked! Dems, Antifa, Biden, and China

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Democrats allow murder, looting and rioting to continue while they fail to criticize Antifa, undoing American values and society.

Nadler Doesn’t Know What “Myth” Means

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ANTIFA violence is a myth says New York Representative Jerry Nadler while meeting Fleccas. Not sure he knows what a "myth"means.

Tucker Needs To Go On the Offensive

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Tucker Carlson calls out The New York Times for an intrusive report that will publish his address. He's seen it before and he's calling them out!

Antifa Hijacks Black Protests

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Antifa has hijacked protests for justice in the death of George Floyd in recent days, but Black America has stepped up and spoken out.