War-Hungry Democrat Senators Vow To Shut Down US Gov. If We Don’t Send Billions More To Ukraine

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Several Democrat politicians have come forward vowing to hold the nation hostage by shutting down the U.S. government if Congress doesn’t pledge to send more tax money to the corrupt Western puppet Zelensky who is running Ukraine into the ground.

Democrat Senators Michael Bennet of Colorado and Cory Booker of New Jersey both hit the mainstream media circuit to scare Americans by claiming they’ll shut the entire government down if they don’t get more funding for Ukraine.

Bennet said he hopes it doesn’t come to that, but that he will “certainly be willing to shut the government down” if the GOP refuses to include Ukraine funding in the government funding bill.

Booker likewise explained, “We’re going to do whatever we have to do to fight to make sure Ukraine funding happens,” which would include shutting down the U.S. government.

The Democratic Party is showing it is being held hostage by the corrupt Zelensky regime that demands more U.S. tax money be wasted on the nation’s repeated failed offensives.

The majority of Americans don’t want more spending to go toward the Ukraine war, and if the government shuts down, they might also learn just how useless politicians and government agencies have become.

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