Report: Trump May Head For DC Next Week To Pitch House Speaker Bid

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A Thursday report by Politico claims Donald Trump “is considering a visit to the Capitol next week where he is open to pitching himself as a speaker candidate,” following the historic removal of California GOP Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

Earlier this week, Alex Jones and Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called for Trump to throw his hat in the ring and serve as House Speaker while he runs for president.

Trump has until Wednesday to speak to Congress as that’s when the politicians will hold an internal speaker election, and he’d also basically need unanimous support from the House GOP.

When reporters asked Trump about the prospect on Wednesday, he said, “A lot of people have been calling me about speaker. All I can say is we’ll do whatever is best for the country and the Republican Party.”

Trump posted a message on Truth Social Thursday to let Congress know he’ll “do whatever is necessary to help with the Speaker of the House selection process, short term, until the final selection of a GREAT REPUBLICAN SPEAKER is made.”

The absolute hysteria from the establishment that would come along with a Trump house speaker nomination is in itself worth going ahead with the idea.

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