Shock Video: Looters Storm Convenience Store After ‘Street Takeover’ in California

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Authorities are looking for suspects who looted a convenience store after a ‘street takeover’ in California earlier this month.

The incident unfolded in Rio Linda on October 8, but the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office just release surveillance footage in hopes of obtaining more information about the suspects.

Dozens of people stormed a 7-Eleven shop in the wake of a ‘sideshow’ or ‘street takeover,’ an illegal event whereby street racers and accompanying crowds hijack a public road or intersection to perform dangerous stunts and antics.

Suspects can be seen smashing windows, ripping down displays, swarming the register area, and running off with stolen merchandise.

Incredibly, those involved likely “will receive citations rather than jail time if they’re caught,” as looting is classified as a “non-violent” crime, Sgt. Amar Gandhi told ABC 10.

“These guys are eventually going to get caught. But the shame of it all is that there really won’t be any punishment,” Sgt. Gandhi said.

“Until people want to do something about these laws, really nothing is going to change. We want to keep calling these nonviolent felonies. I want you to ask the clerks inside how nonviolent it felt when you have got 40 to 50 people in there, straight looting.”

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The Sacramento metro area now ranks seventh in the country for worst ‘organized retail crime,’ according to the National Retail Federation.

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of crime across the United States, including carjackings‘street takeovers,’ smash-and-grab loot mobshome invasions, and physical attacks on innocent victims.

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