Hungary PM Orbán Warns EU Creating Orwellian 1984 Society, Exposes Double Think Propaganda

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán issued a few messages on social media this week slamming the globalist European Union policies that are destroying freedom worldwide.

Orbán called out the hypocritical EU Peace Facility engaging in weapons trading and the EU’s Media Freedom Act controlling speech.

The PM wrote, “#Brussels is creating an Orwellian world in front of our eyes. They buy and supply weapons through the #EuropeanPeaceFacility . They want to control the media through the #MediaFreedomAct . We didn’t fight the communists to end up in 1984!”

In a video posted by Orbán, he claimed the EU is raping Poland and Hungary with its migration pact that is destroying the sovereignty of both nations.

“There will be no compromise on migration. Not today, and not in the upcoming years. We will defend our borders from migrants and from the Brussels bureaucrats as well!” he wrote.

The Hungarian leader also claimed the EU bureaucrats in Brussels are trying to force member states to give more money to the corrupt Ukrainian regime for its failing war with Russia.

“The Brusselian strategy on the Russia-Ukraine war is fundamentally flawed. In this situation, Hungary cannot support any budget amendment proposal,” Orbán wrote.

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