Watch: Joy Behar Says Joe Biden’s Anger Turns Her On

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“The View” co-host Joy Behar sunk to a new low in her relentless defense of Joe Biden, this time claiming that his tendency to verbally abuse his staff turns her on.

Axios released a report Monday detailing how White House staff regularly endured Biden’s temper with phrases like “Get the fuck out of here!” and “Don’t fucking bullshit me”, which Fox News pundit Lisa Kennedy first joked turned her on.

Behar agreed, only she wasn’t joking.

“She’s [Kennedy] turned on by Biden’s anger. I am too, I kind of like it,” Behar said on Tuesday. “I do. I like that. I mean, he’s such a mild mannered, sweet guy.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg piled on the praise for Biden, claiming that his cursing proved he’s just a “regular guy.”

Behar then suggested Biden can get away with abusing his staffers because of his so-called “white male privilege.”

“He just blows off steam, his white male privilege it’s called,” Behar said. “Imagine if it’s a woman or a black guy doing that, not allowed.”

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Co-host Sarah Haines agreed that Biden is “allowed to get mad” because of the negative press he receives.

Behar later went on to dismiss the majority of the American people who say the economy is in “bad shape,” insisting that the economy is doing great.

This is the shameless sycophant media in action.

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