McCarthy Calls For Special Prosecutor To Investigate Hunter Biden And The ‘Big Guy’

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Andrew McCarthy Argues for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hunter and Maybe Joe Biden.

Andrew McCarthy, the former federal prosecutor, is making a case for Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Hunter Biden and possibly his father, too.

“The undeniable facts are that (a) there is a bulletproof case for the appointment of a special counsel under regulations that are supposed to bind the Justice Department, and (b) if the shoe were on the other foot, there is no way Democrats would indulge the pleas of a Republican attorney general,” McCarthy argued.

McCarthy also pointed out that, “millions of funds reportedly flooded into the Biden family, not just the president’s son, from foreign sources related to infamously corrupt states and totalitarian regimes opposed to the United States.”

‘In Public Interest’

“Trust in Garland is not the issue,” McCarthy wrote in an Op/Ed for The Hill. “The conflict, and straightforward application of the regulation, take the matter out of the attorney general’s hands. It is in the public interest to have a lawyer from outside the president’s own Justice Department lead the investigation of the president’s son — and perhaps the president’s own conduct.”

“The longer Biden’s attorney general fights that reality, the more it increases suspicion that the president’s hands may not be clean,” McCarthy added.

Earlier this week, reports noted that a close, longtime business partner of Hunter Biden apparently made several trips to the White House during President Barack Obama’s tenure and while then-Vice President Joe Biden was in office.

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