Basement Biden Hits Historic Low

Hidin’ Biden’ Held Fewer Press Conferences Than the Previous Five Presidents Combined

Donald Trump was famously accessible and held frequent press conferences, giving the media ample opportunities for negative reporting on him.

That contrasts sharply with his replacement, Joe Biden, who has conducted much fewer news conferences than his five predecessors over the same time span.

Biden, who ran his campaign primarily from his basement, earned the nickname “Hidin’ Biden.” As it turns out, he’s kept it up for the last year.

Historic Inaccessibility

As he approaches his first full year in office, Biden has held less press conferences and granted fewer media interviews than any of his five direct predecessors at the same stage in their tenure in the White House.

According to Martha Raddatz, the president has given 22 interviews to the media and attended nine official press conferences, six solo and three with visiting foreign leaders. He has often stumbled and misspoken during these events.

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