Wisconsin Judge Accuses Mayors Of Coverup In 2020 Election Probe

Retired Judge Investigating Election

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Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, is accusing two mayors of a coverup and stonewalling the probe into the 2020 election. 

Gableman is overseeing one of the investigations into the state’s 2020 elections. 

Wisconsin’s Attorney General, Josh Kaul, is suing Gableman to stop the investigation and prevent him from questioning the state’s Elections Commission. He said he will use subpoenas if necessary. 

Election Integrity

“The responsibility to demonstrate that our elections were conducted with fairness, inclusivity, and accountability is on the government and on the private, for-profit interests that did work for the government,” he said. “The burden is not on the people to show in advance of an investigation that public officials and their contractors behaved dishonestly.”

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Rebecca Horvath
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